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Thai angler catches brightly colored fish, all dressed in streamer blue, this skin looks like the messenger of the Dragon Palace

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Thai angler catches brightly colored fish, all dressed in streamer blue, this skin looks like the messenger of the Dragon Palace

There are about 36,000 kinds of fish in the world, and there are many kinds, so different fish have different body shapes and colors, especially some fishes that are used as ornamental fish. skin. Recently in Thailand, a fishing enthusiast caught a fish with an unusually eye-catching color by the river. It was blue and seemed to glow in the water. Such skin looks like the fish in the Dragon Palace. Have different skin colors. The anglers did not catch the blue fish in the end, after all, it was difficult for them to distinguish the identity of the fish for a while. After the identification of relevant experts, it is believed that this fish is likely to be a kind of brontosaurus, and it is very likely that it is a brontosaurus. It's just that the Macleon fish does not have such a bright streamer blue, which is likely to be caused by its exposure to water, lighting, and shooting. Brontosaurus is a native fish in Southeast Asia. There are many different species. From their names, it can be known that their colors are changeable. Different Brontosaurus has different colors, such as colorful Brontosaurus, Ah Sam Thunder Dragon, Rainbow Thunder Dragon, Ruby Thunder Dragon, Bakare Dragon, etc. And the Macleyron fish also belongs to one of them. The Macleyron fish has blue markings. The older it grows, the less spots on the Macleylon. Brontosaurus belongs to a kind of fish of the family Channaidae and is widely distributed. There are also species of Brontosaurus distributed in China. Among them, the fish called seven-star fish, mountain grouper and scale star fish in Guangdong belong to a kind of thunderfish. Arowana, also known as pearl red thunder dragon, is also a very common edible fish. Some species of brontosaurus have very high ornamental value and are expensive, so you must be very careful during the breeding process. Generally, these brontosaurus are raised alone. You don't need to change the water very frequently. You should also pay attention to the change of water temperature. It is best not to water temperature. Sudden changes, rapid heating or cooling, and keeping the water temperature between 22-26 degrees is enough, otherwise it is easy to cause the brontosaurus to get sick and die.
  • Several blue fish
  • Blue parrotfish
The reason why they are called blue parrotfish is because the upper jaws of these fish are more prominent, and the mouth cannot stick out forward, just like the mouth of a parrot. Its population is very wide, and it is distributed in the Indian Ocean, the western Pacific Ocean, Indonesia, the Philippines and other waters. Almost the whole body is blue-green, with blue-green on the head and side below the eyes, with a large clear blue-green spot on the edge, green tooth plate, and a blue body. fish. Blue parrotfish is also a very happy fish. Their teeth are carefully viewed, some of them are close to human teeth, so they also show some expressions, sometimes they seem to be smiling at you, very cute. expression.
  • The piebald fiddlehead (qí xián)
The piebald fiddlehead generally lives in the coral reef area of ​​about 18 meters, and has a blue body. The camouflage uniform, plus a pair of large fish eyes on the head are very prominent, and the mouth shape is very similar to that of a frog. It is easy to mistake it for a frog, so this fish is also called "colorful frog, crown frog or green frog". With such a beautiful body color, it quickly became a popular and sought-after fish and a favored pet fish, but this brought an existential crisis to the wild population of the piebald fin. Tuo, people will inject cyanide into coral reefs, make these fish poisonous and dizzy, or harpoon the tail of the fish, whether it is poisoned or injured, the piebald will not live long.
  • Blue Tang Kingfish
Blue Tang Kingfish is a bottom-dwelling fish, their body is bright sapphire blue, and has a clear color palette The dorsal and anal fins are sapphire blue with broad black borders. The caudal stalk and caudal fin are bright yellow. The upper and lower leaves of the caudal fin have black borders. The larger the fish, the lighter the body color. The blue tang kingfish is also an aggressive fish. When the males meet, conflicts may break out, intertwining with each other and showing off their tail spines. Injure the opponent, stay close to each other until the tail fin can teach the opponent a lesson. Therefore, there are still many fish of different colors, especially for the higher ornamental value, some fish with more conspicuous colors are cultivated. Pay attention to the six-dimensional nature and let the flow know nature!

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