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A king brocade snake in Beijing came into the village to catch a live chicken, but it bit the head of the chicken but couldn't swallow it. When caught, it refused to let go

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A king brocade snake in Beijing came into the village to catch a live chicken, but it bit the head of the chicken but couldn't swallow it. When caught, it refused to let go

In the food chain, predators will not easily let go of their prey when they bite their prey. Unless they are threatened by external threats, predators will let their prey escape in order to protect themselves. However, some predators just prey and forget that they will encounter to danger, such as the greedy king brocade snake. Recently, in Huairou, Beijing, firefighters received requests from residents for help, saying that a large snake had broken into the chicken coop, caught a poultry, and was still preparing to devour the live chicken. After the firefighters arrived, they found that the big snake was a king brocade snake, and it was preparing to enjoy its prey. The head of the chicken had been swallowed by the king brocade snake. For food, the king brocade snake was not afraid to see a lot of people. I tried to continue to swallow the chicken, so it was easily caught by the firefighters, but this king brocade snake is also greedy. Due to its slender body, it does not have the mouth of a python as big as a snake, and it got stuck when it bit the head of the chicken. He was caught by firefighters but refused to let go. Finally, with the combined efforts of the two firefighters, the chicken's head was pulled out from the snake's mouth of Wang Jinshe, but the chicken was already killed by the snake. According to the residents, this snake may be a "recidivist". Since last year, chickens and eggs have disappeared. It is very likely that this snake was killed. Since the wild king brocade snake belongs to the state's "three possessions" protected animals, it will be brought release into the wild.
  • Wang Jin Snake is also a master snake hunter
Although Wang Jin Snake is a non-venomous snake, it is relatively large and is one of the non-venomous snakes (except pythons) ) The fastest growing, coupled with its ferocious personality and agile movements, can often restrain poisonous snakes. It is difficult to say whether it is all the king brocade snake that hunted and killed. After all, the king brocade snake is also a kind of snake that often breaks into human residences, because the king brocade snake mainly feeds on other snakes, rodents, etc., and also preys on it. Some small poultry, pets, etc., human beings are the food sources of the king snake, so the king snake is not too afraid of people. Wang Jin snake bites its prey and does not let go. This is a common predation method for non-venomous snakes. Snakes that are not poisonous themselves will rely on their own strength to stalk their prey, but Wang Jin snake has more strength and a more ferocious personality. , once it bites the prey, it will not let go of its mouth, and then it will tightly wrap the prey with its body and squeeze it with force. Many snakes, rodents, etc. are strangled by the king brocade snake.
  • Who will prey on the king snake and the king cobra
Among the snakes, the snake known as the "king snake" belongs to individuality Fierce snake kings, who specialize in catching other snakes for food, in China, both the king brocade snake and the king cobra have the saying that "the nemesis of poisonous snakes". Other venomous snakes dare not break in, but the king cobra is even more ferocious. In its territory, whether it is a venomous snake or a non-venomous snake, it is difficult to see other kinds of snakes. If it is said that they are all adult snakes, comparing the strength of these two snakes, it is undoubtedly the king cobra that has the absolute upper hand. The body length of the king cobra is generally 2-2.5 meters, and the king cobra is generally 2-3 meters long Mi, whether it is size, speed, etc., the king cobra is not inferior to the king cobra. The most important thing is the immune system of the king cobra, and it is not immune to the venom of the king cobra. The snake will be poisoned. The anti-toxicity of Wang Jin snake is mainly immune to pit viper hemolytic toxin, so Wang Jin snake likes to prey on five-step snake most, because five-step snake is lazy, usually ambushed in the grass and does not run away, and at the same time can rely on the advantages of body size, speed, etc., Prey on small venomous snakes such as cobras and silver ring snakes. When the king cobra faces the king cobra, it is not immune to the neurotoxins, cardiotoxins and other toxins of the king cobra. In many comparisons, the king cobra has the upper hand, and of course the adult king cobra will prey on it. In the case of the king cobra baby snake, etc., Wang Jinshe will also have a little chance to take revenge. Pay attention to the six-dimensional nature and let the flow know nature!


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