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The crocodile vs the hippo, when the sharp-billed beast meets the big-mouthed monster, who will have the last laugh?

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The crocodile vs the hippo, when the sharp-billed beast meets the big-mouthed monster, who will have the last laugh?

Wan crocodile vs hippo, one is the king of all crocodiles with a ferocious nature, and the other is the land-dwelling god of war with a big mouth. If these two beasts have a one-on-one frontal hard anus, who will have the last laugh? In this issue, the Director of the Exploration Bureau will decrypt it for you.

1. Bay crocodile

The official name of the bay crocodile is "saltwater crocodile", and some people call it "piranha crocodile" Or "estuarine crocodile". They have a wide range, stretching from northern Australia to eastern India and Southeast Asia. As their name suggests, saltwater crocodiles are not only able to live in saltwater along the coast, but are also able to enjoy comfort in freshwater rivers. They usually inhabit the tributaries of saltwater coasts and travel back and forth between saltwater and freshwater in search of food. And according to Crocodile Blow, these crocodiles can cross the ocean and swim non-stop from Australia to China! You must know that the shortest distance between Australia and China is more than 6,000 kilometers. It takes more than a week for a ship. Can a crocodile swim for more than a week without eating or drinking? Believe it or not, I won't believe it anyway! The Gulf crocodile is the largest crocodile subspecies in the world. Males are usually larger than females, reaching 4.5 meters in length and 900 kilograms in weight. But according to reports, the largest crocodile ever recorded is called "kalia", with a body length of 7 meters and a weight of 2,000 kilograms, much larger than the well-known "Luolong", which is also "only" 6.4 Rice, weight 1075 kg. These prehistoric beasts existed before the extinction of the dinosaurs, so it is conceivable how adaptable this creature is to the environment. It is often said that to witness nature is to look back in history, so we can certainly see the scene hundreds of millions of years ago from the crocodile. An interesting fact about these crocodiles is that the temperature of the den determines the sex of the offspring, with warm dens producing mostly male cubs and cooler dens mostly female calves. The crocodile is a typical ambush hunter, males can usually eat anything that enters their territory, they will ambush near the water and quickly pounce on animals coming to drink or cross a river. If the ambush is successful, they will quickly drag the victim to a water conservancy to drown before slowly enjoying it. The crocodile is the animal with the strongest bite force in the world. Their teeth exceed 12.7 cm and can produce 3070 pounds of force in one bite. They are also considered very territorial and aggressive, and will defend their dignity to the death. Alligator appetizers range from fish to birds to large mammals, including livestock and wild buffalo.

2. Hippopotamus

Hippo is a species native to sub-Saharan, semi-aquatic herbivore. It's a beast with an equally long history, having walked the Earth 55 million years ago. They were initially thought to be close relatives of pigs, but it wasn't until a DNA test in 1985 that there was evidence that they were not related in any way. Of course, although there are "horses" in the name, they have nothing to do with horses at all; and the reason why it is called "Hippo" is entirely due to transliteration. The hippo stands up to a height of about 1.5 meters at the shoulder, a body length of 2-5 meters, and a weight between 1300-3200 kilograms. Despite their large size, they can move quickly, whether on land or in water. These abilities are entirely due to their stubby and powerful limbs, while four toes on each foot support their massive bodies. Although hippos have thick skin, the material is not as tough as rhinos or crocodiles, which makes them vulnerable to bites and blood as they establish territory and mating rights, so in some older male hippos you'll see to have some pretty amazing scars. Hippos have large mouths that can reach 180 degrees when fully open. Their upper and lower jaws are very developed, which also creates their strong bite force, reaching 1800psi, second only to the crocodile. In the powerful and lower jaw, it also contains sharp canine teeth, reaching 4.6 cm. What's more, these canine teeth are large, about the size of a small human arm. In addition, hippos have a temperamental temperament, and their behavior is often unpredictable. In the face of a lion's attack, they can bite the lion's head in one bite; but in the face of an antelope in distress, they help the tyrant. They seem to help the antelope, but they kill the antelope with one bite, and the wild dogs get it without much effort. dinner.

3. The Ultimate Battle

After the above analysis, it is time to fight! Crocodile vs Hippo, who is stronger? Although the hippo is heavier overall, the two sides are almost the same order of magnitude. In Africa, hippos often fight with Nile crocodiles. Although Nile crocodiles are often at a disadvantage, they are not in a crushing situation. As the big brother of the Nile crocodile, the crocodile has a stronger fighting power, so it is also better than the Nile crocodile in the duel with the hippo. So, can the crocodile be able to vent his anger for his younger brother? Just now, a Filipino friend of mine told me a true story. At a safari park in the Philippines, a hippo just arrived from Africa seemed restless. It was just about to approach the water when a huge male crocodile suddenly appeared. Hippo took offense at the Nile crocodile in Africa. Although there is no fear in the face of the crocodile, it is the first time in its life that such a large crocodile has been seen. For the crocodile, this kind of big mouth monster has never been seen before. Just as the hippo looked at each other, the crocodile attacked, probably feeling that its territory was being violated by the hippo. It swooped out of the water and tried to grab the hippo with its powerful jaws; but the hippo was too big, with its round neck and body, to bite. After several attempts, the crocodiles failed! But the crocodile is a clever killer, and instead tries to grab the hippo by the thigh, trying to drag it into the water to drown it. However, this hippo is no stranger to water and is not afraid of fighting at all. After I just learned the three-axes of the crocodile, I found that the opponent is no different from the Nile crocodile except that it is slightly larger, and there is no new trick. So it's time to let the other party experience his own ultimate move. It rolled into the water with the crocodile, and then used its powerful force to get rid of the crocodile's big-mouthed pliers, and in turn used its big mouth to hold the entire crocodile's head. . It tightened its upper and lower jaw muscles, gathered all the strength, and then closed its jaws. With a "click", the entire head of the crocodile was shattered. Blood donations stained the river before park security arrived. After a friend's description, the director slapped his thigh and immediately came to the conclusion that the hippo would have a 56% chance of defeating the crocodile. Do you agree with the Secretary's analysis and conclusions? Welcome to express your opinion in the comment area.

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