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What is the "cockscomb snake" with a long crown? It has a lot of folklore, does it really exist?

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What is the "cockscomb snake" with a long crown? It has a lot of folklore, does it really exist?

do you know? In the folklore of many parts of our country, there have been stories about the "cockscomb snake". It is said that this "cockscomb snake" snake lives up to its name, and its most important feature is the huge rooster's comb on its head, hence the name. However, while some older people claim to have seen it, we can't find evidence of its existence anywhere, not even a picture or specimen.

So, is this "cockscomb snake" real?

In some areas of Guangxi, the legend about the "cockscomb snake" is described in this way, saying that in a small mountain village in the Xishan District, there was originally a huge hill, which was called "cockscomb mountain". On this mountain, there are many "cockscomb snakes". The whole body of these cockscomb snakes is colorful, colorful, and especially beautiful. In addition, it is said that these "cockscomb snakes" move very fast, and they can even glide at low altitudes from trees, which is particularly powerful. Moreover, when the morning is just dawn, these "cockscomb snakes" will also make a "cluck" like a rooster. Of course, if this is the case, the "cockscomb snake" would not be scary. However, these colorful "cockscomb snakes" are highly poisonous, and the livestock that are bitten by them usually do not survive. Therefore, in order to prevent the livestock from being endangered, the villagers finally decided to completely burn the "cockscomb mountain". Finally, in the dark and windy night for a month, while these "cockscomb snakes" were asleep, the local villagers immediately united and set fire to the mountain. The end result was that all these "cockscomb snakes" died in the sea of ​​​​fire, and none of them survived. Because of this, it cannot be found anywhere else. However, even now, although there is no actual evidence to prove the existence of "cockscomb snake" and "cockscomb mountain", the rumors about "cockscomb snake" have never disappeared, which once made many people think that it really exists. Pass. Some people have also dug out records about it from some ancient books. For example, in "Records of Yiji", they recorded the appearance of the "cockscomb snake", saying that its head resembles a rooster, with a large red crown. Not only that, the body length can reach more than one foot, and the thickness is several inches. Once someone is bitten by it, there is no cure for it, and there is no doubt that they will die. Finally, this book even claims that its existence has been found in Rizhao, a cave in our country. From the rumors of the old people and the records of ancient books, it can be seen that the statement about this "cockscomb snake" is relatively consistent. Could it be that this kind of snake really existed a long time ago?

Or, because of the weak cognition of the ancients, what other snakes similar to the "cockscomb snake" have been mistaken, so that its existence cannot be found today?

Actually, what you need to know is that although there are indeed many types of poisonous snakes all over the world, until now, people have not found any poisonous snake with a 100% fatality rate. In addition, if this kind of snake existed, it must be able to find some clues, such as their molted skins, bones, fossils and so on. But the strange thing is that any information about the "cockscomb snake" seems to be only some virtual pictures from the Internet. Moreover, even if the "Cockscomb Mountain" where the "Cockscomb Snake" is located is completely burned down, as in the legend, it is difficult to find a snake, but it is not difficult to find a mountain, right? But there is very little information about "Jiguanshan". It can be seen that the "cockscomb snake" should be just a rumor, not a real one. However, since there are rumors of "cockscomb snake", in theory, it should have a prototype, so what animal might it be? According to the characteristics of the "cockscomb snake", in reality, there are indeed some similar animals, such as the chameleon. You know, the alias of the chameleon tree lizard is precisely the "cockscomb snake"! It matches the rumored name! However, the chameleon tree lizard can be seen from the name, it should be a kind of lizard. As for it is called "cockscomb snake", it is mainly because of the ridges similar to the cockscomb on its back, so it has such a name. Moreover, this color-changing tree lizard can change color according to the environment, so if it changes color and integrates with the tree stem, the bare cockscomb ridge on its back may be misunderstood by previous people, and it has the "cockscomb snake" "the legend of. However, the chameleon tree lizard is non-toxic and harmless no matter what, and it will not cause harm to people. Even if it is mistaken, it should not be so terrible. Also, the chameleon is a lizard, not a snake. That being the case, let's look at another guy: the tabby-necked snake. Although the tabby-necked snake does not grow anything resembling a cockscomb, the color of its neck is bright red, which is particularly eye-catching. In addition, this tabby-necked snake is a highly venomous snake. Once bitten, it will indeed cause death. Moreover, in the early years, there were indeed many tabby-necked snakes in the wild in our country, but they are now rare and endangered. This seems to correspond to the legend in the legend. Could it be that the "cockscomb snake" really refers to this tabby-necked snake?


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