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If you don't eat people, you will starve to death? How did predators start to feed on humans?

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If you don't eat people, you will starve to death? How did predators start to feed on humans?

"Mencius Teng Wen Gong Xia": "In the past, Yu suppressed the flood and the world was peaceful. The Duke of Zhou also acted as a barbarian and Di, and drove the beasts, but the people were peaceful." In the long history of human beings, floods and beasts have always been the existence of human fear, jackals, tigers and leopards. Waiting for beasts is even more frightening to humans. Generally speaking, these beasts have their own recipes in the wild, have fixed prey, and maintain the attitude of not letting the water out of the well with humans. However, in modern times, the friction between humans and animals has intensified, and many large beasts have changed their diets and turned their food to humans, becoming cannibals that feed on humans. Why are there so many cannibals in modern times? 、

Champawat's man-eating tiger

The time when the most man-eating incidents occurred was in the early 20th century, and the most famous man-eating tiger of Champawat was also born here. during the time period. The man-eating tigers in Champawat were initially cannibalized in Nepal. They were later driven to India by the government's army, and they started killing people. In just a few months, dozens of people were preyed on. , and this ferocious beast exclusively feeds on vulnerable groups such as the elderly, women, and children. The trail was eventually found by legendary hunter Jim Capet, who ended the life of the man-eating tiger with one shot. The man-eating tiger killed a total of 436 people in its lifetime. When people looked at the carcass of this man-eating tiger that had slaughtered many people, it was found that this man-eating tiger was already old and had entered the stage of old age, which meant that its territory was occupied by other young tigers, and it was gone. Territory to live on. Moreover, its teeth also showed varying degrees of damage, which greatly reduced its predation ability. Maybe it didn't eat humans at first, but in order to survive it tried human meat and found that this "monkey" became its only food.

The Borna Man-Eating Leopard

This is an equally ferocious man-eating beast that appeared a few years after the man-eating tiger incident in Champawat. It is said that this man-eating leopard was once injured by hunters, and has hated humans since then; there is another saying that this leopard was possessed by demons and specially came to prey and harm humans; there is also a saying that this leopard cannibalized human flesh and turned into essence , In order to cultivate, one must continue to eat human flesh. But no matter what kind, it has become a fact that the man-eating leopard can eat people locally. Its predation method is different from that of the murderous tiger. The man-eating leopard is elusive. He opened some simple doors and entered the human dwelling to hunt for food. Of course, in the end, the legendary hunter Jim Capet set a trap near the food, and was killed by the last shot, ending its cannibal life.

Birth of cannibals

A careful reader may have discovered that these two cannibals are cannibalistic incidents that occurred in India. India is not only one of the most populous countries in the world, but also one of the countries with the largest variety and number of cats in the world, as well as one of the countries with the most conflicts between humans and cats. Cats are animals that live alone (except lions), they all need to occupy their own territory, territory means food and living space, for this reason cats often fight, the winner gets the land and the loser only Can linger on the edge of other feline lands. One of the reasons for the birth of man-eating beasts is that these cats (most tigers and leopards) outside their lingering territories lack food, so they can only enter the territory of humans to forage, initially feeding on livestock, and later with Humans clashed, so they turned their attention to humans, and it was out of control from then on. If these cannibals are lucky enough to reproduce, there is a phenomenon of transmission, from spouses to children who are taught the experience of feeding on humans. The second reason for the birth of man-eaters is that cats are very afraid of being injured in the wild, because being injured means losing the ability to prey, and aging is the same result, but in order to survive, they start to prey on all the animals around them. The area of ​​activity coincides with these cats, and naturally it has become one of its food. When they find that human beings are not only very easy to prey but also taste very good, they will become man-eating beasts like Champawat's man-eating tiger and Borna man-eating leopard. Of course, the main reason is the destruction of the habitats of these beasts by humans, the increase in the living range of humans, the increase in the population, and the decrease in the habitats of beasts, which will inevitably cause more disputes, and those beasts without territory can only enter the Find food in human habitats.

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