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Monkey nemesis? Ape-eating eagle with a mood switch is one of the most dangerous birds of prey in the world

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Monkey nemesis? Ape-eating eagle with a mood switch is one of the most dangerous birds of prey in the world

As we all know, the raptor is an extremely ferocious bird. There are many raptors in the world, and raptors have different degrees of danger. Some raptors have strong beaks, and some raptors have huge claws. But among these raptors, the most Dangerous is the ape-eating eagle from the Philippines.

Philippine eagle

Ape-eating eagle is a large bird of prey that only lives in the Philippines, so it is also called the Philippine eagle, and the Philippines protects it as a national treasure. The body length of the ape-eating sculpture can reach 91 centimeters, the wingspan can reach 2.4 meters, and the weight is only 6.5 kilograms. If there is a small stand, you can realize how big this big bird is. After all, it is the world's largest bird. The second largest bird ever! The reason why the ape-eating sculpture is called the ape-eating sculpture is that when zoologists first dissected the stomach of the ape-eating sculpture, they found that there were some remains of primates in the stomach of the ape-eating sculpture. It was called by such a ferocious name as the eagle. You must know that a 20-pound monkey is definitely more difficult to deal with than a 20-pound dog. The monkey will use branches, stones and other tools to attack, and can move flexibly between trees, especially through barking. The ape-eating eagle can actually capture such animals for food. It has to be said that the predatory ability is powerful, which can be called the nemesis of monkeys! The ape-eating eagle is very cruel when it preys on monkeys and other animals. Once the ape-eating eagle catches the monkey, it will want to peck out the eyes of the prey with its sharp beak to prevent the prey from escaping and counterattacking, and then return to the nest to eat. The reason why ape-eating eagles are dangerous is also because of this. They have rich experience in attacking primates. Even if they are tied up, they may accidentally hurt their eyes if they get too close. The reason why the ape-eating eagle can fly in the dense woods is that it relies on its wide wings and long tail feathers, which can be more agile and sudden increase in speed when flying in the woods, which can catch the prey by surprise. The ape-eating eagle is not a bird that only eats primates such as monkeys. After all, the reproduction speed of primates cannot keep up with the predation speed of the ape-eating eagle. There are many food for the ape-eating eagle, such as cat monkeys, bats, snakes, lizards, hornbills, civet cats, macaques and hares. The ape-eating eagle is very territorial, and there are many villages in its territory. Dogs, pigs and other livestock in the villages are often hunted by it. Fortunately, the villagers can get compensation, otherwise...

Mood switch on the head

The ape-eating eagle looks very domineering in appearance, especially its big back hair and its huge body shape, giving people the image of a big brother. Of course, it is indeed a big brother with one ear in "Black Cat Sheriff", and even showed his face in "Black Cat Sheriff". Some people will wonder why the haircut of the ape-eating sculptor is always changing, sometimes it has an exploding head, sometimes it has a big back, and sometimes it looks like it has just washed its head! In fact, the crown feather on the head of the ape-eating eagle is its mood switch. When it is in a happy mood, the crown feather on its head will turn into a big back. Once it feels threatened or angry, the feathers on its head will all stand up to warn the threat that it is not easy to mess with.

Reason for its scarcity

In the animal world, the ape-eating eagle is also a representative of a model family. There is only one spouse in a lifetime, and an egg will be produced every two years, which is raised by the husband and wife together. It takes more than 4 months to grow full feathers. The parents are of course very conscientious. Even when the young birds are learning to hunt, they will still feed the young birds until After two years of rearing, the chicks are driven out of the nest. Although the husband and wife are raising together, sometimes there are some accidents. When food is scarce, it is not only difficult for the male bird to get enough food for itself, but also difficult to give enough food to the hatching female bird, and the female bird will leave the nest and eggs, go out to hunt alone, this situation can also lead to egg hatching failure, as well as abandoning the nest. I finally know why the number of birds such as ape-eating eagles is so rare!


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