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Beluga whales appeared for the first time in the Seine, but it was not a good thing, difficult to hunt and did not accept fed food

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Beluga whales appeared for the first time in the Seine, but it was not a good thing, difficult to hunt and did not accept fed food

Among aquatic animals, they can be generally divided into two types according to their habitats - marine animals and freshwater animals. They seldom invade, otherwise they are easily threatened by survival. Of course, there are a few species that can live in both seawater and freshwater. freshwater. Recently, a beluga whale was discovered in the Seine River in Paris, France. This is also the first time a beluga whale has been found in the Seine River. This is not a good thing for beluga whales, which generally live in the cold Arctic waters. It is rare to venture so far south, and it is not known why it appeared in the Seine. It may be lost during the migration process, or it may be a sick beluga. This beluga has been 365 kilometers away from the mouth of the Seine River. It is obvious that there is no way to find the estuary. Although the beluga can live in fresh water for a period of time, the longer it is active in fresh water, the more dangerous it is to the beluga. Due to the problem of river pollution, it also There are noise and other problems, all of which have a killing effect on beluga whales. In addition, there is not enough food for beluga whales to hunt, and beluga whales are easily injured and killed. In order to guide the beluga whales to the sea as soon as possible, local drones and boats are used to keep a close eye on the traces of whale activities, but the performance of beluga whales is worrying because it is not interested in the food fed by humans, whether it is frozen. Herring, or live trout, the beluga whales do not accept this kind of food, and it is likely to starve to death, plus the observation of small spots on the skin of the beluga whales may be a sign of deteriorating health. In order to successfully rescue the beluga whale, the first thing to do is to let it eat first and restore its strength. Therefore, the researchers hope that by helping the beluga whale inject mixed vitamins, it will help stimulate the beluga whale’s appetite and avoid hunger and loss of physical strength. , and then guide the beluga to the Seine estuary and let it return to the sea, hoping that such rescue measures will be effective.
  • Beluga whales are also one of the cutest animals
Beluga whales are generally between 3-5.5 meters in length and belong to the genus Beluga of the family Narwhalidae , The appearance color is all white, but the skin is also yellowish in summer, which is also the obvious difference between beluga whales and other cetaceans, they can change from pale yellow to white. Beluga populations are mainly distributed in the shallow waters near the Arctic Circle. They have seasonal migration behavior, but they are still not too far from the Arctic Circle. They have good adaptability to the Arctic floating ice environment and like to live on the sea surface or close to the sea. place on the sea. In the food chain, beluga hunting mainly relies on hearing and vision to find food. It mainly feeds on fish, including cod, salmon, herring and other fish, and also preys on squid, octopus, snails, shrimp and crabs. They are also preyed on by killer whales and polar bears.
  • Beluga whales are good at imitating sounds
Beluga whales are marine animals with a high IQ, and they also like to "communicate" vocally. Singing, communicating different content, according to statistics, beluga whales can make hundreds of different sounds, imitating various sounds, such as the roar of beasts, birds' calls, machine sounds, and even human voices. It can also imitate, so beluga whales are the best ventriloquist experts in the cetacean kingdom. At the National Aquarium in San Diego, California, a beluga whale named "Nock" was raised. This beluga whale can imitate the voice of a person and make a voice such as "go out" underwater, which once made divers think it was Colleagues are communicating. "Nock" beluga whales seem to want to imitate human voices to speak, and want to communicate and communicate with humans. Although beluga whales and other whales are very cute and friendly, these high-IQ animals are also easily locked in small places for a long time, causing them to have psychological problems and even some behaviors that attack people. This is because whales survive The required space and living environment cannot be provided by venues such as aquariums, which will increase the instability of whale behavior. Pay attention to the six-dimensional nature and let the flow know nature!


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