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A creature like a writing brush was found in the Pacific Ocean, with a body length of 2 meters and tentacles moving around. Is it a new species of sea pen?

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A creature like a writing brush was found in the Pacific Ocean, with a body length of 2 meters and tentacles moving around. Is it a new species of sea pen?

"There are thousands of types of marine life, including marine plants that look like animals, and marine animals that look like plants. People can't tell whether it is a plant or an animal. For example, sea anemones, sea squirts, corals, sea pens, etc. look like plants. But these are marine animals." 01 - A new breed of sea pen with a body length of 2 meters? Recently, in the 3,000-meter-deep waters of the Pacific Ocean, the Nautilus exploration ship discovered another rare marine creature. It has an organ like a tree root and has umbrella-shaped tentacles. It is constantly moving, as if it is preying. A giant sea creature that looks like a brush as a whole. Scientists have not yet been able to determine whether this is a new species of creature, or perhaps a new species of sea pen, but this creature is more than 2 meters long, which is larger than the known species of sea pen. The sea pen is generally about 40 centimeters high. A sea pen with a body length of 1.5 meters has been discovered. If it is a new species of sea pen, it means that there are new species in the sea area, and there are even many new species populations, which is of great research significance. Sea pens look like plants, but they belong to a class of marine animals. Sea pens are formed by the grouping of many small animals called polyps. They are a kind of beautiful invertebrates. Therefore, sea pens are not an animal, but are Belonging to the animal kingdom Cnidaria a class of small animals. In the marine food chain, sea pens are also a kind of predator, relying on polyps to grab small organisms floating in the sea with their tentacles for food, and then filter organic matter in the water for food, but they are also easy to become food for other marine organisms, In order to fight against predators, they have also evolved defensive instincts. Some types of sea pens emit strong light, and then float away with the current to escape; Attract stronger predators and scare away predators. 02 - Sea pens and corals are close relatives. The reason why they are called sea pens is because most types of sea pens will choose relatively fixed place creatures, not floating creatures. Half of them are fixed in the seabed soil, and the other half are like plants It grows on the ground, and at the same time, the symmetrical sides of the main trunk of the sea pen are covered with feathery branches, and there are many small symmetrical branches on the feather branches, like a writing brush in the ocean world, called the sea pen creature . Both sea pens and corals look like marine plants, so they are actually close relatives. Corals belong to the largest class in the phylum Coelenterate, and they are all polyp-type single or group animals, so sea pens and corals have a certain similarity. The place. However, corals and sea pens are different. Corals are more common, sea pens are relatively rare, and their body shapes are completely different. The sea pens will no longer grow when they grow to a certain size, so it is the first time that the 2-meter sea pens have been discovered. , And the size of the coral can be very large, if not preyed by natural enemies, let the coral grow, the coral can grow very large. This may also be related to the food of Haibi. If there is no food source, Haibi will choose to change places to continue looking for food, so a Haibi group likes to live alone in one place for a long time, but they do not like to live in groups, and rarely see a few The sea pen is together, only when this place has no food source, the sea pen creature will move to the next place. Pay attention to the six-dimensional nature and let the flow know nature!

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