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In order to catch an exotic fish, a park in Ruzhou drained the lake water, because alligator gars have eaten most of the fish

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In order to catch an exotic fish, a park in Ruzhou drained the lake water, because alligator gars have eaten most of the fish

In the animal world, each species has its own habitat. In the original habitat, there are natural enemies to check and balance them. This forms an ecological chain. If it is transferred to other places, species with strong reproductive ability and strong adaptability can easily Flooded and become alien species that destroy the local ecological chain. For the past month, the Central Park in Ruzhou, Henan Province has been continuously discharging the lake water of Yunchan Lake. The entire Yunchan Lake has 200,000 to 300,000 cubic meters of lake water. The lake water has been almost drained and drained. The reason for this is that It was because some citizens discovered that there were suspected alien species of big fish in the lake. Experts confirmed that it was indeed a crocodile gar of about 80 centimeters. Draining the water of the artificial lake was to catch this big strange fish. Is such a big project necessary to drain the lake in order to catch a fish? Many people have such doubts. Since it was discovered that it is a crocodile gar, the park has organized several fishing, but they have not been successfully caught, and the crocodile gar is a fish with a very large appetite, almost all aquatic animals are its food, and even dare to attack. People near the lake and citizens found that the crocodile gar is getting bigger and bigger, and the fish in the lake is getting less and less. Maybe the crocodile gar has eaten most of the fish, so it must be caught as soon as possible. Fishing is difficult to catch, can we mobilize more anglers to catch this alligator gar? It is very difficult to catch alligator gars, because alligator gars have sharp teeth, and the dense teeth can easily bite off the fishing line. In addition, alligator gars are very ferocious, and it is even more dangerous if they jump out to attack anglers by the lake. In order to capture and eliminate this crocodile gar, it is also necessary to drain the lake water, because it is not known whether the citizens found the same crocodile gar, whether there are multiple crocodile gars, and the strong reproductive ability of the crocodile gar. , the female crocodile gar can lay 140,000-200,000 eggs each time, so if the crocodile gar can be caught as soon as possible, it will be implemented as soon as possible. You can catch this strange fish.
  • The crocodile gar is the "killer in water"
The crocodile gar is native to North America and is a ferocious large freshwater fish. If it is rashly put into domestic waters, because there are no natural enemies, the alligator gar will destroy almost all creatures in the water. How harmful is it? As long as there is a crocodile gar in the fish pond, there will be almost no raw fish in the fish pond, and even the crocodile gar will attack nearby aquatic creatures, including humans! For example, in Ganquan, the owner of a farm found that there was no trace of fish in his fish pond, whether it was big fish, small fish, or even fry and shrimp. Finally, after draining the water in the fish pond, he found that there was a long fish in the fish pond. The alligator gar of about 1 meter may have swallowed all the farmed fish, allowing the small alligator gar to grow into a 1 meter crocodile gar. In North American waters, the alligator gar is also a ferocious fish, but there are also many natural enemies of the alligator gar, such as crocodiles, raptors, otters, etc., all of which can check and balance the alligator gar, so the alligator gar cannot flood. In addition, the alligator gar can control Asian carp and can also be used as a pet fish, so in the Americas, the alligator gar is not a species that everyone hates, and it also plays an important role in maintaining ecology. But if it appears in China, although the meat of the alligator gar is edible, its eggs are highly poisonous, and most people do not know how to eat it. At the same time, it is not easy to catch the alligator gar. Extremely destructive, it is easy to damage the local ecology and reduce or disappear local species, so the alligator gar is an alien species that is prohibited from being released.
  • How the crocodile gar appeared
The reason why crocodile gars appear in domestic waters is because crocodile gars are introduced as ornamental fish, but Its size can be at least 1 meter or more, and many fish tanks cannot be raised. In addition, they have a large amount of meat. With the larger size, it will make the breeder more expensive, making it difficult for some people to continue raising. Crocodile gar is a pet fish, and the breeder may have certain feelings because of long-term care, and they are unwilling to eat it, or they may not dare to eat it. Poisonous organs and eggs can only be eaten, so they were released into the wild, but the alligator gar was released, but it was a big kill to other creatures in the native waters. Studies have found that alligator gar populations can overwinter and reach sexual maturity in many areas of the southern region. There are wild distribution records of alligator gars in many southern provinces, especially in the waters of Guangdong Province. The more it is, the more it will be unimaginable for the original local ecology, so if you don’t want to keep raising alligator gars, you need to contact the forestry and other relevant departments to prohibit unauthorized release. The nature is very large, and the forestry department or the police should be notified in time. Pay attention to the six-dimensional nature and let the flow know nature!


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