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Eat people with broken teeth? The tigress who killed 436 people in her lifetime is listed in the Guinness Book of Records

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Eat people with broken teeth? The tigress who killed 436 people in her lifetime is listed in the Guinness Book of Records

We all know that predators such as beasts and birds of prey are the most dangerous animals in nature. Although humans are the most powerful animals on earth, they have also been injured by many beasts. Among these beasts, the one who has killed the most humans should be counted. tiger. Over the past 1800 years, tigers have killed more than 373,000 people. Of all the tigers, which one hurts the most? Then I'm afraid to talk about this Champawat man-eating tiger! It killed a total of 436 people in its lifetime, which was even listed in the Guinness Book of Records. The legend of the man-eating tiger The man-eating tiger incident took place in Nepal at the beginning of the 20th century, when Nepal was still a very poor country and was still under British control. In just one year, such a female Bengal tiger attacked many villages in Nepal and killed nearly 100 people. This man-eating tiger will choose to enter the village at night, looking for vulnerable groups such as the elderly, women and children to attack. For a time, everyone was in danger and panic, so the village spontaneously formed a patrol team to eradicate this harmful tiger. However, it was in vain. Tigers still committed murders again and again, but the patrol team could not find any trace of man-eating tigers. The tiger-fighting army in Nepal finally spread the reputation of the man-eating tiger to the ears of the king of Nepal. He sent an army to carry out a carpet search on the mountains around the village where the accident happened. In the end, he was unable to kill this cunning carnivorous tiger, but he took this cunning carnivorous tiger. The carnivorous tiger was driven to the territory of India next door. After arriving in India, the man-eating tiger became more unscrupulous. Whether it attacked villages in Nepal or at night, and after arriving in India, it even began to hunt during the day. It is still hunting in a routine way, first breaking into the village, yelling and using its huge body and ear-piercing roar to frighten the residents of the village, so that they escape from the house, and then from the residents who ran away in a panic to kill those who are Elderly people, women, children, etc. who escape slowly. In just a few months, dozens of people were preyed on by the man-eating tiger. Although the Indian government has also launched operations to fight tigers, it is also in vain. Because it was very inconvenient to convey information at that time, coupled with the mountains and forests, people's movements were very limited, and it was impossible to accurately track the specific location of this man-eating tiger. This tiger is famous in India, so this tiger is also called the man-eating tiger of Champawat! Until 1907, this carnivorous tiger had taken the lives of more than 100 people, so the British Governor in India offered a high price for hunters who could kill the tiger, and finally attracted the legendary British hunter Jim Carr at that time. Jim Corbett and the Man-Eating Tiger Jim Corbett, a veteran veteran, has finally tracked down the man-eating tiger after a long track. In the summer of 1907, the man-eating tiger ended. After taking the life of a 16-year-old flower girl, she rested not far from the village. It happened to be seen by Jim Capet along the blood trail, and he immediately shot, hitting the key point of this man-eating tiger and ending the life of this man-eating tiger. In the end, the tiger's cannibalistic record of killing 436 people was included in the Guinness Book of Records, making it the most killed man-eating tiger. How are man-eating tigers made? When people inspected the corpse of the man-eating tiger, they found that the tiger's teeth were severely damaged. The upper right tooth was broken in half, and the lower right tooth was completely broken. It is inferred that the reason for this man-eating tiger is that it accidentally damaged its teeth during a hunt, so it could no longer hunt normally. When it was hungry, it accidentally preyed on humans, and found that human beings are very easy to prey, so it has preyed on humans for a living. In nature, under normal circumstances, tigers will not eat people. First of all, it has never seen people. Tigers will maintain a cautious attitude towards species they have not seen. Secondly, there are specific species in the tiger's diet, various antelope, bison, etc., which is why the tiger wears an orange tiger-spotted coat. According to the survey, man-eating tigers all over the world have different degrees of disability, either with broken teeth or inconvenience in movement, which makes it difficult for them to hunt. They happened to encounter humans, so they started the road of pica.

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