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Birds that specialize in eating bones? With a black mustache, it is a national first-class protected animal

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Birds that specialize in eating bones? With a black mustache, it is a national first-class protected animal

Introduction: There is a great tragic writer in Greece, Aeschylus, whose masterpieces include "Prometheus Bound", "Agamemnon", "The Good One" and so on. As a famous person in Greece, he was very worried about his safety, so he went to consult a famous local fortune-teller, who told Aeschylus that he would be crushed to death in his house. Aeschylus was convinced of this. In order to avoid being crushed to death in the house, he chose to move to the wild to live in the open air, so that he would not have a house and would not be crushed to death by a house. But man is not as good as heaven. On this day, an eagle passed by with a tortoise he had just hunted, and saw the bald head of Aeschylus, thinking it was a hard stone, so he threw the tortoise down, but smashed Aeschylus directly die. It seems that the feudal superstition is not credible, and the eagle that killed Aeschylus is our protagonist today - the bearded vulture.

Black-bearded Osteophagus Raptor

The Bearded Vulture is also known as the Bearded Vulture, Bearded Vulture, Bearded Vulture, Bearded Vulture, etc. It is also a member of the vulture family, but it is not bald Oh! At the same time, the bearded vulture is also one of the largest birds of prey in the world, with a body length of 1 to 1.4 meters, and a weight of only 3.5 to 5.6 kilograms. The length of its wings is comparable to that of the star Michael Jordan. The reason why it is called the bearded eagle is that the beard has long black hair on the edge of its beak, which looks like a beard, so the name "beard" appears from this name. There is a saying that "if I eat a bite of meat, you will eat a bone". The difference between the bearded vulture and other vultures is not only that it is not bald and has a beard, but it also likes to eat different food from other vultures. When other vultures find the carrion, they will go to eat, while the bearded vulture waits slowly. After the other vultures have eaten up the carrion, the bearded vulture will go forward beautifully to take other vultures to eat. The remaining bones are great sticks. Someone asked how the bearded vultures eat bones? Could its bite force break bones? Or is it just like swallowing a sword and getting bored? The bite force of the bearded vulture is not strong. For strong bones, the bearded vulture is also a trick of the mountain man. It will grab the bone and fly into the sky, and then throw the bone and use the gravity of the earth, as well as stronger stones. Break it into smaller pieces, eat the marrow in it, and finally swallow the small piece of bone in one bite. Fortunately, it was an apple that hit Newton's head at the beginning. If it were the bones of the bearded vulture, I am afraid there would be no law of gravity.

Big bird that turns red

The plumage of a bearded vulture gradually turns yellow with age, and then slowly turns red. Why is this? At first, scientists questioned that the red color of the bearded vulture is similar to that of a flamingo. By consuming the astaxanthin accumulated in the body of small fish and shrimp, it finally shows red on the feathers, but this is not the case. The food of the bearded vulture is all It is bone marrow and other substances, and there is no edible astaxanthin, so this conjecture is wrong. Scientists then questioned whether the bearded vultures did their own makeup to make themselves more showy, so that they could attract mates when they were breeding. However, in the bearded vulture group, the darker the color does not represent the strength, on the contrary, the bearded vulture with lighter color will be more favored. It was finally found that it was because the bearded vultures lived in high-altitude areas, and there were many iron oxide-rich quartz stones in high-altitude areas. The rocks around the bearded vultures' nests were also such iron oxide-rich quartz stones. Slowly dyed red, became red.


The bearded vulture is also a very special existence. One litter of the bearded vulture can produce two eggs. After the first one hatches, the second one will not hatch until a week later. When food is insufficient, the second egg will become the food of the first egg, which is the law of the jungle in nature.

Not only that, the bearded vulture is also a national first-class protected wild animal. Do not disturb the magical bearded vulture!

(责任编辑:Botanical Garden)

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  • Birds that specialize in eating bones? With a black mustache, it is a national first-class protected animal
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