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4 battles: 3 dead, 1 injured and 1 escape, why can't an adult brown bear weighing more than 300 pounds beat the Siberian tiger king?

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4 battles: 3 dead, 1 injured and 1 escape, why can't an adult brown bear weighing more than 300 pounds beat the Siberian tiger king?

In our impression, bears and tigers are the top predators in nature, and bears are stronger than tigers in terms of size and weight. The heavier the weight in nature, the stronger the strength. Whether the tiger or the bear is stronger or weaker has always been a topic of debate for many people, but among the most powerful cats, the Siberian tiger, there has been a large number of tiger kings, Dale, who prey on bears. The picture is quoted from the Internet. In 1992, the Amur tiger engineering research team noticed a powerful male tiger. The most amazing thing about this male tiger is that it has a strong ability to catch bears. In his later years, the male tiger also killed an adult female brown bear weighing 150-200 kilograms. The Amur tiger engineering research team named this particularly powerful tiger "Dale" in honor of its captain "Dale Miquelle". The research team followed the trail of Tiger King Dale, and found four cases that can prove the fight between adult male Siberian tigers and adult female brown bears. Let's review them together. The first two scenes of "Chapter 19: The Interspecies Relationship between Amur Tigers, Brown Bears, and Asian Black Bears": Tiger King Dale killed the brown bear instantly with his throat locked. According to the traces on the corpse of the brown bear and the surrounding Siberian tigers, the research found that it was done by the tiger king Dale. It is speculated that this is the tiger king Dale ambushing at the passage of the female brown bear, and suddenly launched an attack, grabbing the jaw of the brown bear with his forelegs, and then locking his throat to achieve one-hit kill. If a tiger wants to kill an adult female brown bear, it must occupy the right time and place, and have a high ambush point, and it must not be detected by the brown bear with a keen sense of smell. When the brown bear passes by, it launches a sudden attack and successfully locks the throat. Can kill brown bears in one hit. If there are some mistakes in the process, even if it is only blocked by the bear's paw, it will turn into a fierce battle, such as the third game in the following: a difficult victory and two cases where the scene was very chaotic, and the fighting continued. for a long time. In July 1997, Tiger King Dale attacked a female brown bear again. This time, it may be because he failed to occupy the land, or because the brown bear sensed danger, so Tiger King Dale could not kill the female brown bear quickly. The hope of survival and the thirst for food created a fierce confrontation between the two sides. At the scene of the fight, most of the bushes in the forest were destroyed. There were still a lot of tiger hair and a lot of bear hair left at the scene. There were also many bloodstains at the scene of the fight. It has too many advantages, but after all, it is the Tiger King Dale, who has a lot of experience in catching bears and knows how to deal with it. There is no doubt about the result. In the end, Tiger King Dell won the victory, but he was also covered in bruises. The fourth scene: attacked the brown bear and escaped. In August 2001, Tiger King Dale used a slope to attack a female brown bear weighing about 150 to 200 kilograms. This time, because of the unfavorable terrain, the fighting process It didn't go well. After Tiger King Dale caught the female brown bear, the two beasts rolled several meters on the slope. After a fierce battle, the female brown bear finally failed to escape from the experienced Tiger King Dale. Tiger King Dale successfully killed the female brown bear, but Tiger King Dale was also injured. According to the traces at the scene, it was found that this was a female brown bear with a cub. It is speculated that the female brown bear confronted the tiger king Dale in order to protect the cub, and finally the cub successfully escaped. Male tigers can only prey on female brown bears. According to the study of Dale's living habits and food, it is found that bears occupy a considerable part of the food of the tiger king Dale, second only to animals such as red deer and wild boars. Because of the huge size of the Siberian tiger, the weight of the tiger king Dale has reached about 200 pounds. Among the bears, only the brown bear can fight against it, and the black bear and the Siberian tiger can only be killed unilaterally. "Chapter 19: The Interspecies Relationship between Amur Tigers, Brown Bears, and Asian Black Bears" Because of the successful experience of catching bears, Tiger King Dale chooses female brown bears for most of his prey on brown bears, regardless of their strength, weight or size. They are much smaller than male male brown bears, and are more likely to become the target prey of Tiger King Dale. In addition, female brown bears will carry cubs and are more vulnerable to attack and predation. Once they taste the sweetness, the Siberian tigers will hunt more bears. Among tigers, only adult male Siberian tigers are qualified to hunt brown bears. Female Siberian tigers are more different from males in size, weight and strength, and naturally they will not hunt brown bears with high risk of injury. There are only two cases of tigresses killing bears, Kaplanoff in 1948 and Bromley in 1965. In nature, the two animals, the tiger and the brown bear, rarely collide, not only because of their wide range of activities, but also because they both understand the strength of the other. No animal in nature wants to get hurt, and no animal does thankless things.


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