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Are eagles afraid? The palm-sized winning bird can chase the eagle everywhere

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Are eagles afraid? The palm-sized winning bird can chase the eagle everywhere

In Africa, the flat-headed honey badger is known as a legend, because its small body has a lot of energy, and it dares to fight against all kinds of huge beasts, which is amazing! But there is also such a bird among the birds. Although it is small in size, it is a fighting bird that dares to fight with various large raptors. It is a must-win bird!

Victory bird!

Victory bird, this bird is very curious from its name! Why is Victory Bird called Victory Bird? It is because it dares to fight with other large birds, and it is always this bird that wins, so it is called the winning bird! The must-win bird, also known as the king bird, is a species of bird that lives in the Americas. The winning bird flies very fast, and can turn flexibly in the air. This is also because the tail of the winning bird is particularly long, which is conducive to their balance in flight, so that it can fight in the air. Victory bird does not take the initiative to provoke other birds, but Victory bird is a very nest-protecting bird. To what extent does it protect its nest? Birds that appear on the branches around the nest will be regarded as a threat and will be driven away and attacked. No matter how powerful or huge the threat is, it is not afraid until it does its best. Of course, it is not a brute force confrontation, but a set of small routines of its own, and the threats that it often beats are stalking. The bird's body length is about 20-30 centimeters, and its size does not pose a threat to other large birds, so large birds often neglect to guard against the bird. An eagle resting around the bird's nest caught the bird's attention. Seeing that the eagle had no desire to leave, the Victory Bird treated it as a threat, and attacked the eagle's head with a sneak attack. After a successful success, the winning bird again flew to the eagle from a different angle to find an opportunity for sneak attack. Once or twice it was accidental, and many times it was intentional. In the face of the constant sneak attacks from the winning bird, the eagle that was resting immediately became a frightened bird and wanted to escape. But I don't know that this is the routine of winning the bird. As soon as the eagle is about to escape, the nimble winning bird immediately chases after it, flying to the top of the eagle, and firmly grasping the back of the eagle with its hook-shaped claws. The feathers on the neck, and then use its sharp beak to constantly peck the eagle's head. I vowed to give this threat a hard lesson, so that it would not dare to enter the vicinity of the winning bird's nest again.

The eagle doesn't fight back?

Some people wonder why the eagle doesn't fight back? First of all, because the winning bird is very flexible and its flying skills are also very superb, it is difficult for a huge eagle to catch this flexible winning bird. The second is because the bird that wins is the head. In the animal kingdom, no animal wants to be injured, and the head has the most important eye. If the bird accidentally hurts the eye, it will not be worth the loss. The winning bird is small, and even if it is caught, it does not have much weight, and it is not even enough to fit between its teeth, but it takes a lot of effort to catch it, which is not necessary. If you lose too much, it is easy to lose if you don’t fight, so most large birds and animals will choose the best strategy among the thirty-six strategies.

A pricey nest guard

Although the victorious bird is always victorious, the victorious bird often dies after driving away the threat! Why is this? This is because the bird's body is small, and such a crazy attack will inevitably consume a lot of energy. After driving away the threat, the bird is also exhausted, and finally unable to flap its wings, it falls from the air and falls to its death. Is it worth it, someone asks? At least in the eyes of Victory Bird, it is worth it, it has tried its best to protect its offspring. Like the bag shrew, the males in the population have only a short lifespan of two years for the sake of offspring. Of course, only with such behavior, the winning bird whose strength and size are not as good as large raptors can protect their nests.

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