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Killed more than 125 people successively, Borna man-eating leopard, one of the most man-eating beasts in history

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Killed more than 125 people successively, Borna man-eating leopard, one of the most man-eating beasts in history

Since ancient times, there is an idiom called "flood beast", which classifies the beast and the flood, because the beast, like the natural disaster of the flood, is extremely harmful to human beings. There have been many beast wounding incidents in history, among which the two most famous cases of beast cannibalism are: one, the man-eating tiger in Champawat, and the other, the man-eating leopard in Borna. We have described the case of the man-eating tiger before, and today I will talk about the terrifying man-eating leopard from Borna. From the end of the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century, the number of tigers and leopards in India was very large. The people cut down forests and built railways, which reduced the habitat of beasts. The hunting of Indian princes and British royals also caused the relationship between beasts and humans. Friction intensified, and a terrifying man-eating leopard appeared in the Borna region.

Bornne's Man-Eating Leopard

No one knows where this leopard came from, but this leopard is shivering in the Borna region. First, because of its agile skills, this Borna cannibal leopard can be said to be elusive. It can carry a baby away from its sleeping parents without being noticed; it can instantly kill a human being in the time it takes to go in and out, and drag away. This had a very bad influence on the local area. The government even offered a reward of 10,000 rupees, but no warriors could kill it. The documentary "Hunting the Ogre" is because of its clever and witty mind. Some people say that this is not a leopard, but a beast that has become a spirit. Some people say that it is possessed by a demon, because this cannibal is actually will open. The documentary "Hunting the Ogre", especially at that time, the technology was very backward, and the door was not strong. This leopard learned through experience and even learned to open the door of humans. Not interested, but shot directly at the person sleeping in the house. The third is because of its cautious character. With its nimble skills and smart head, this cannibal leopard can repeatedly commit crimes without being hunted by hunters. Having dealt with humans for so long, it has also made its character very cautious. When enjoying food, if there is any trouble around it, it will immediately discard the food and run away. When preying, it will often lie in ambush in one position for several hours, and it will not shoot until the human in its eyes is alone. For a time, everyone was in danger and began to reinforce the doors and windows of their homes. This leopard is like a god of death in the dark night. Once someone acts alone in the wild, they will be poisoned by it. In the documentary "Hunting Ogre", a leopard cannibal incident occurs on average every two or three days, so the famous hunter Jim Capet came here. In the past few years, Jim Capet successfully hunted The most famous man-eating animal - the man-eating tiger of Champawat. Jim Capet first observed the specific condition of the man-eating leopard based on the scene. It was an old male leopard with scars on its hind paws. It is said that it was a scar caused by a hunter, but let it escape. The documentary "Hunting the Ogre" finally, after the man-eating leopard committed a crime, the man-eating leopard was disturbed and gave up the food and escaped. Jim Capet concluded that the man-eating leopard would come back to enjoy the food, so Set traps around the corpse, and ambushed around to prepare to shoot. Finally, the cannibal leopard was neglected to be shot by Jim Capet and eventually died. Jim Capet and the man-eating leopard According to statistics, this man-eating leopard killed at least 125 people in the Borna area. It is also one of the most man-eating beasts along with the man-eating tiger in Champawat


So far, there are about 12,000 wild leopards living in India, and India has become one of the countries with the most serious conflict between humans and leopards. Because of the reduction of habitat, there are more leopards, less territory and less food. In the end, these leopards can only choose to hunt in human habitats. Once it hunts and eats human beings, in its consciousness, it will regard human beings as the main food, begin to hunt human beings, and even pass on the experience of cannibalism to the next generation, and more cannibalistic beasts will appear. Of course, the government's attitude towards these man-eating beasts is also out of protection. Once successfully captured, these man-eating beasts will spend the rest of their lives in the zoo. If the capture fails, then these beasts face the muzzle and bullets.

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