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The man-eating lion that ate a total of 135 people, specialized in feeding on humans, the infamous Chavo lion

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The man-eating lion that ate a total of 135 people, specialized in feeding on humans, the infamous Chavo lion

Speaking of lions, everyone should be familiar with them. The lion is the strongest predator on the African continent, and it is also one of the most special beings among the cats. Because the lion's male and female are bimorphic, it is extremely easy to distinguish between them. The gender of the lion, the mane of the male lion has also become a symbol of male power among the lions. But there is also such a special species among lions, that is the Chavo lion. Chavo lions are almost different from all lions. The manes of the male lions in Chavo lions are very short, and even some male Chavo lions have no manes, and they do not need to rely on female lions for food. What is this? What about lions?

Cannibal Chavo Lion

In May 1898, British East Africa needed to build a 580-mile railway from Mombasa in the east to Kisumu in the west. It is done by manpower, traversing the desert and several rivers. However, the project did not go well. Not long after the start of construction, there was a "beast cannibalism incident". The corpse was mutilated by the beast. No one could tell which kind of beast caused the scar. In order not to affect the project , so the body was hastily buried. But the beast wounding incident did not end there, but intensified. The next night another worker was taken away by the beast, and even the living tent was torn apart. The superstitious workers thought it was some kind of evil spirit. revenge. Unexpectedly, the incident has not subsided, and another incident of workers being arrested. For a time, people panicked, and workers went on strike. After all, this was a life-threatening activity from physical activity. The upper management of the project quickly quelled the public anger and said that the incident would be dealt with, but in just one month, workers disappeared every two or three days, and the upper management quickly organized a hunting team to hunt and kill the animal. Murderer. Finally, the hunting team tracked the ogre according to the traces after killing the ogre, and found that it was a huge lioness with a body length of nearly 3 meters. The tracking of the hunting team disappeared in the darkness in an instant. So the hunting team set up a lot of traps around the tents where the workers were staying, trying to catch the ogre, but the lioness went into the rest area of ​​the workers to eat people, and was able to cleverly avoid all the ogres. A kind of trap, and finally this ogre was captured and killed by a wooden gallows made of tenfold monkey corpse as bait. When people took a closer look at the ogre, they found that it was a male lion with an extremely short mane, known as the Chavo lion. Although the man-eating lion was killed, workers were killed in the following days, and people learned that there was another man-eating lion. It was not until the end of December that another man-eating lion was killed, and the incident came to an end. According to statistics, in this year, the number of people killed by these two chavo lions reached 135!

How is the chavo lion made?

Speaking of the Chavo Lion, it is also a tragedy, which is the result of the joint creation of human beings and nature. Since Europeans entered Kenya, they have been hunting Chavo lions. Europeans think lions with manes are very domineering. European hunters will also use lion heads with manes to decorate the living room to show own greatness. After nearly a hundred years of hunting and elimination by natural selection, the remaining male Chavo lions no longer even grow manes, just like over-hunted elephants, elephants without tusks survived, while Elephants with tusks are poached, and in the end the elephants without tusks are bred, so all elephants lose their tusks. Kenya used to be a passage for Arab traders to sell slaves. Slaves often died on the way to transport and were abandoned on the roadside to become food rations for Chavo lions. Male Chavo lions no longer need female Chavo lions for predation. also become equal, and the mane is no longer needed. Until here, the railway needs to be built, but the environment is also very difficult, and workers often die, which has also become the ration of the chavo lion. When there was no ration, the chavo lion began to prey on nearby workers for food, and this incident happened. Because of the long-term consumption of humans, the Chavo lion has become a notorious cannibal lion, and the experience of cannibalism is also passed on in the reproduction of the Chavo lion.


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