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The bar-tailed godwit can fly 12,200 kilometers without food or drink for 11 days

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The bar-tailed godwit can fly 12,200 kilometers without food or drink for 11 days

There are many champions among birds that are well known, such as: sprint champion - ostrich, with a sprint speed of more than 70 kilometers per hour, much faster than Usain Bolt; flying speed champion - pointed-tailed swift, flying The speed can reach an astonishing 170 kilometers per hour, and 99% of the time in his life is flying; the flying speed champion, the peregrine falcon, can reach the fastest flying speed in the high altitude of 386 kilometers per hour, even faster than the motor car. Fast, no animal except the spear falcon can withstand such speed. Of course, there are also some lesser known champions who are not so famous. Do you know who is the "marathon" champion among birds, the bird with the strongest endurance?

Flying more than half of the world at once

There are many birds with strong endurance and can fly for a long time, but the champion that can fly the farthest and the most flying is the bar-tailed godwit. (chéng yù) none other than that. Many people are very unfamiliar with this bird and may not even be able to read all its name, but it is such a small bird that has completed the amazing feat of flying over more than half of the earth. The bar-tailed godwit is a migratory bird that flies long distances every year due to migration. Scientists often install satellite positioning equipment on some bar-tailed godwit to observe their habitat and living conditions. As early as September 2007, scientists tracked a female bar-tailed godwit. During the migration process, it flew for 8 days without knowing what to drink. It flew a total distance of about 11,587 kilometers. The average speed was unexpectedly high. It also reached 59 km/h, which shows that this bird has outstanding endurance to support their migration. Of course, the most shocking thing for scientists is that this little bird actually set off from Alaska, which is close to the North Pole, and flew to New Zealand, which is close to the South Pole, in one breath, and flew over the widest Pacific Ocean on Earth. It is amazing! Such a long flight, even many planes can't do it! The bar-tailed godwit is truly a bird that can fly better than an airplane. In 2020, the flight path of the bar-tailed godwit, the record held by the bar-tailed godwit number E7, was refreshed again. Broken by another bar-tailed godwit with tracker number 4BBRW. The bar-tailed godwit also took off from Alaska on September 16 and was about to fly to New Zealand in the southern hemisphere to spend the winter, but during the flight, due to the weather conditions, a monstrous wind blew it to Australia, so it I had to take a detour and fly to New Zealand, which took 11 days and 12,200 kilometers. The straight-line distance from Las Vegas to New Zealand has crossed more than half of the world and almost flew more than half of the world. It is hard to imagine how such a small body of the bar-tailed godwit can accomplish such an amazing feat!

The little secret of the flying marathon champion

Why can the bar-tailed godwit survive up to 11 days in the air without eating or drinking? This stems from the special body structure of the bar-tailed godwit. The bar-tailed godwit is about 32-39 cm long and weighs about 245-320 grams. Usually, before long-distance migration, it eats like a buffet, eating crustaceans and mollusks to the fullest. Small invertebrates such as annelids, vermiforms, aquatic insects and insect larvae. It will almost make one's body fat, and the next long journey will consume all the energy stored before. Of course, this is also because they travel long distances over the ocean, and there is almost no land where they can rest during the flight, so they must store energy before flying. During the flight, the bar-tailed godwit is not without rest. Birds such as the bar-tailed godwit that need to fly long distances have evolved the left and right heads in the brain to take turns to rest, so as to keep flying for a long time without getting tired. How do bar-tailed godwits navigate long distances? In the daytime, the sun shines through the angle of the sun, and at night, it can be distinguished by the stars. The bar-tailed godwit is also a bird that is relatively good at flying. Its long and pointed wings can help it fly more with the power of the wind. This body structure seems to have evolved for long-distance flight. The average distance from the moon to the earth is 384,000 kilometers, and the bar-tailed godwit migrates back and forth like this every year, and the distance it flies in its lifetime even exceeds the distance from the moon to the ground.


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