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He has preyed on more than 8 crocodiles in his life, and the largest one is 3.6 meters long.

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He has preyed on more than 8 crocodiles in his life, and the largest one is 3.6 meters long.

Crocodiles, a very ferocious predatory animal, are known as the king of rivers, and even powerful crocodiles have become feared by hippos, but there is such a saying, no matter how powerful crocodiles are in the eyes of cats Just bigger fish. Many jaguars have a record of preying on crocodiles, but they prey on small and medium-sized crocodiles. As a tiger with the top fighting force among cats, what kind of sparks will it encounter when facing crocodiles?

Crocodile Killer

Let's talk about the story of the tiger queen ''Maqili'', she is not only a very good tiger queen, but also one of the most famous tigers in the world. The battle to fame started by killing a 3.6-meter crocodile, and the battle was even featured in the BBC's Wildlife Magazine. The Tiger Queen ''Maqily'' is a Bengal tiger that lives in Ranthambore National Park in India. It is called ''Maqily'' because the tigress has a tigress on its head. A pattern in the shape of a fish, so it is named "fish", and the fish is called ''Maqili'' in India, hence the name. Maggie's famous battle for killing crocodiles In June 2003, Ranthambore National Park has not had precipitation for a long time, so the water level of the pond has dropped a lot, which has also resulted in almost no food source for the crocodiles in the waters. On this day, Ma Qili and the cub were foraging for food by the lake. Ma Qili caught the carcass of a sambar. The weather was hot and the smell of food spread far away. Two hungry crocodiles smelled the scent and came to the shore. Fearing that the crocodiles would harm the cubs, Ma Qili and the cubs gave up food to stay away. So the two crocodiles panicked and immediately enjoyed the food. The picture comes from the documentary "Tiger Queen Maqili" After Maqili settled her cubs, she immediately returned to take back the food. One of the crocodiles quickly slipped back into the pond, making the other slip slower. Kiri immediately slapped it, riding on the back of the crocodile and trying to bite the back of its neck. On the one hand, the crocodile wanted to return to the water, and on the other hand, it wanted to break free from the shackles of Maqi Li on its back, and kept struggling with its head and tail. Although Ma Qili fiercely bit the back of the neck of the big crocodile, the two sides were still stalemate and fighting fiercely. It is hard to imagine how Maqili, who is not as big as a crocodile, has the courage to fight against such a huge crocodile. After a long stalemate, the huge crocodile was finally defeated and was seriously injured by Ma Qili. The next day, Ma Qili had disappeared, leaving a crocodile body not far from the scene, with most of the crocodile being eaten on its side. According to the measurement, the crocodile reached an astonishing 3.6 meters. This was the first recorded war between tigers and crocodiles in the wild, and it gained worldwide attention for making Maqiri famous. It may have been a taste of the sweetness of the crocodile hunt again by Margely, who also killed three other crocodiles during this dry season. One of them was attacked by an ambush Ma Qi Li on the way to other ponds. Ma Qi Li jumped directly on the crocodile's back this time and kept attacking its right shoulder, causing the crocodile's right shoulder to be partially destroyed. Heavy damage, after a violent struggle, the crocodile escaped back into the water. But the next day people found out that Ma Qi Li shot the crocodile again, and Ma Qi Li attacked the crocodile by the pond. At this time, the crocodile was not only injured, but also exhausted, and was finally dragged by Ma Qi Li. After landing, it became a crocodile sashimi feast. In the dry season, crocodiles often come to the shore far from the water for food, and because the water in the water is too small, they choose to move to the water with more abundant water, no matter what, once they reach the shore, they will be killed by Maggie. Li has the opportunity to become the soul of Maqi Li's tiger's mouth. Among the later Bengal tigers, there were few tigers like Maqili who actively hunted crocodiles, so Maqili was called "crocodile killer". The last sighted crocodile hunted, but crocodiles are creatures that can survive from the time of dinosaurs after all. Once, Maqili found a crocodile on the shore. At this time, Maqili was also an old tiger. It skillfully rode on the back of the crocodile and bit the back neck of the crocodile tightly with its teeth. Eventually, the crocodile was dehydrated and successfully preyed on. But this time Ma Qi Li's tiger teeth were broken, which also made it unable to prey, but fortunately, there were park staff to raise, Ma Qi Li finally lived to the age of 19 to 20 years old. According to statistics, the number of crocodiles that Ma Qili killed in her life reached more than 8, and the crocodile carcasses that were found to have preyed on reached 8, and there were many other crocodile remains found. Marjorie deserves to be called the Tiger Queen! In nature, it is rare for tigers to prey on crocodiles, and it is more common for jaguars to prey on crocodiles. Although the crocodile is very ferocious and powerful, it is only tortured when it encounters the most powerful cat, the tiger. After all, cats are very flexible, and they are stronger than crocodiles in terms of endurance. Once they fall into a protracted battle, the crocodile will eventually lose.


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