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Black panthers are in the forest, why are they afraid of tigers? Who will kill the deer when the black panther breaks into the leopard's territory

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Black panthers are in the forest, why are they afraid of tigers? Who will kill the deer when the black panther breaks into the leopard's territory

Black panthers always appear in the form of a mysterious ghost, because black panthers seem to have a terrible hypnotic power. Many humans cannot understand this beautiful animal. Today, we invite you to follow us and learn about the mysterious black panther. Regarding the black panther, he is one of the largest species in the cat family after the tiger and lion. In the wild animals, the black panther has better hunting ability than any other animal. In fact, the black panther is not a separate species , they are the same animal as the leopard, the black fur of the black panther is a special gene, and the appearance of black is due to genetic mutation. This is the evolution of leopards in response to the environment, and the hyperplasia of melanin is also considered to be a reverse mutation of albinism. Black panthers are often found in areas with dense forests and very low light levels. Black animals bring some advantages. This black gene is very suitable in the environment of Asia, Africa and South America. The evolution of the black panther, it can also be said that the leopard in these areas has gradually evolved the black protective color because of the needs of environmental survival. Basically a black panther is not completely black, if we look closely at a black panther's fur, you can still find leopard spots hidden under the black fur, if there is light, it is easier to see these spots appear on its black On the fur, the spots will be hard to see when the panther is in low light in the forest. The body length of the black panther varies from 120 to 180 cm, and the tail is also large and small. The special shape of its head enables it to attack its prey effortlessly. Female black panthers reach sexual maturity in the second year, while the process of male maturity is somewhat It takes two and a half to three years. As the mating season approaches, this animal can be found looking for the opposite sex, because only at this time can you find 2 black panthers at the same time, which is for breeding. Black panthers usually give birth to one to three cubs. After the baby black panther is born, the mother leopard will stay with the cubs, and the cubs will not open their eyes until ten days later. At this time, the baby leopards are very fragile, and many small carnivores will attack Small leopards, so the female leopard is very important, the black panther is very agile, strong and intelligent and is one of the most aggressive animals in nature. When the little black panthers reach adulthood, they go out on their own and choose a territory, marking it with their scent and sound. There is a common misconception that black panthers only hunt at night, in fact black panthers are an opportunistic animal, black panthers do not waste any foraging opportunities, whether they are hungry or not, it will attack any animal weaker than them , and whether it is day or night. Black panthers often use their sharp teeth to bite the back of their prey's neck when they hunt, causing the prey to lose blood, weaken and eventually die. The attack pattern of black panthers is the same as that of other species in the cat family. They mainly prey on large herbivores, and their biggest advantages are the speed of running and the muscle strength of bite. When food is scarce, panthers also prey on small mammals or amphibians. They can even catch birds. The black panther is an animal with both strength and beauty, and it also has a lot of mystery. Compared with the past 50 years, the number of black panthers has decreased by more than 90%. I hope the earth will not lose this beautiful creature. video click here

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