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Two claws have a strength of 180 pounds, claws larger than a fist, American raptor horned eagle

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Two claws have a strength of 180 pounds, claws larger than a fist, American raptor horned eagle

There are many powerful raptors in various regions, such as: eagle eagle, golden eagle, crown eagle, ape-eating eagle and so on. All kinds of raptors have their own ferocious characteristics, but these birds of prey are all inferior to the horned eagle from the Americas in one respect, that is, the horned eagle has a pair of terrifyingly large feet.

Raptor from the Americas - Horned Eagle

The Horned Eagle is a large raptor with a body length of 89~102 cm and a wingspan of 224 cm. It will be larger than the male horned eagle, the male weighs 4 to 4.8 kg, while the female weighs 6 to 9 kg. The horned eagle of this size deserves to be the largest and strongest bird of prey in the Americas. The shape of the horned eagle looks a bit funny from the front. Its messy and thick head feathers give people an unreal feeling, even like a staff member wearing a doll costume, which is why the horned eagle is also called Harpe Eagle, harpy eagle, as for the interpretation of this name, we will explain it below. Of course, it is completely different from another angle. The horned eagle on the side looks particularly noble and elegant, like a prince in Europe wearing a crown feather. There is a saying that such feathers can help horned eagles collect sounds in the air, which is more conducive to horned eagles hunting in the forest. Big feet and big eagles, the huge horned eagle also has the largest claws in the raptor world, which is comparable to the size of an adult man's fist and is very huge. You may have seen a fist the size of a sandbag, but you must have never seen a claws that can grab a fist the size of a sandbag. The large claws of the horned eagle are also very powerful. The grasping force of a single claw can reach more than 50 kilograms, while the grasping force of two claws can reach 180 kilograms. It can easily crush the skull of the prey, and can lift the weight of four Three-thirds of the weight. The claws of the horned eagle can reach a maximum length of 12 centimeters. With a strong grip, it can even pierce through thick iron plates. Almost no prey can survive two rounds on the hands of the horned eagle. The horned eagle is different from other prey, and its prey are almost all kinds of mammals that live in the trees, such as howler monkeys, long-nosed raccoons and sloths, as well as various birds. Although the horned eagle has a very large wingspan, it can fly in the dense forest without being blocked by the branches, which shows the superb flying skills. Passing over the head without being noticed, it is really with this skill that the horned eagle can easily prey on prey on various trees.

Happe eagle

In Greek mythology and legend, there is such a monster called Harpie, which is a human-faced eagle-shaped animal. In mythology and legend, this monster has the upper body of a human and The eagle's wings and claws, its duty is to lead the soul of the dead before Hades. At first glance, the American Horned Eagle does look like a monster with a human-faced eagle body, so the title of the American Horned Eagle "Happy Eagle, Harpy Eagle" appeared. The American horned eagle has a powerful strength, and it also made some indigenous peoples in the tropical rain forest feel awe of it. These indigenous peoples did not dare to do harm, hunting the American horned eagle, fearing that the American horned eagle would retaliate against them. The gaze of the horned eagle is really scary. The country of Panama also respects the horned eagle, worships it, and respects it as the national bird. Of course, this national bird should be more deterrent, not friendly, because no one would want this. A national bird is hovering over his head, and he doesn't want to be stared at by it!


The horned eagle's current living condition is not good, and it is listed as a red "nearly threatened" by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Because horned eagles give birth to offspring on average every two years, and each pair of horned eagles can only raise one small horned eagle to grow up. If two horned eagles are born, one will be abandoned. This is the survival of the fittest in nature. !


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