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Kill prey 20 times heavier than yourself, the most ferocious small canine, good at fighting in water

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Kill prey 20 times heavier than yourself, the most ferocious small canine, good at fighting in water

In nature, weight is often a part of strength, and the heavier the weight, the stronger the strength. Of course, there are no absolutes. There are also some cases of small predators killing large prey, but most of them occur in the Mustelidae family. In addition to the Mustelidae family, there is also this animal called "South American small steel gun". Small feats prey on big ones.

South American small steel cannon

This animal known as the "South American small steel cannon" is a serval from South America. From the appearance point of view, the serval is not much different from the pet dog in size. It even looks a bit similar to the corgis, dachshunds, etc. among pet dogs, and yes, they are also short legs. The body length of the serval dog is about 57~75 cm, the shoulder height is 20~30 cm, and the weight is 5~8 grams. This body type is also considered a medium size among pet dogs. But you must not treat the serval as a pet, it is a carnivore, one of the predators of South America. Serval recipes are very diverse. Rodents, various fish, small reptiles, amphibians, and some water birds are all welcome. They rely on the advantages of groups, and hunting is very easy to succeed. Serval is most proud of the fact that six servals hunted a 200kg American bun together. This is a battle of great disparity. The weight of American bun is more than 20 times that of serval, which is quite So 6 corgis killed a pig, which is enough to show the power of the serval. This is a news report in Bolivia. The six servals target a single American bun. They use human sea tactics to continuously drive the American bun to consume its physical strength. Once the American bun slows down, the surrounding The serval will mercilessly take a bite on the American bun's leg. The American bun was finally exhausted and fell to the ground unable to resist, and was finally killed by a serval dog. The serval has a total of 38 teeth, the skull is wider and the snout is short, which also gives the serval a strong bite force, which can reach 150N, and can easily divide prey. Serval also has a special feature, that is, its water is very good, and even in order to swim better, the webs on the feet of the serval have become amphibious canines, not only able to hunt fish in the water. It can also drive the prey on land into the water, and use its excellent swimming ability to complete hunting more easily in the water.

Powerful leaders

Among the canines living in groups, a leader is often elected to lead the group, and the servals are no exception, but the leader of the serval is different from other canine leaders. different. Among the servals, only the leader has the right to mate. Not only that, the leader can also adjust his own estrus time, and can even suppress other female dogs by releasing chemical semiochemicals. Female servals have two estrus periods in a year. , the serval leader can choose one of the two estrus periods to breed. Due to the short stature and limited field of vision, the leader's command will become very important during the hunt. During the hunt, the leader will attack as the main force, and the other members will make chirps, gasps, and whistles. As a signal of communication, surround or drive away, and finally cooperate with the leader to carry out a violent offensive , has been included in the list of near-threatened by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. It is hoped that the local government will pay attention to the protection of this species, so that humans in the future can still realize the power of this "small steel cannon". Favorite viewers, please help to like, share, and favorite! [bars teeth]


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