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The African bullfrog is the largest frog on earth. It is said that this frog cannot be eaten and is harmful to humans.

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The African bullfrog is the largest frog on earth. It is said that this frog cannot be eaten and is harmful to humans.

The African bullfrog is one of the largest frogs on earth. It lives mainly in sub-Saharan regions of central Africa. It is a greedy eater and will swallow any creature it can eat. Many people currently keep African bullfrogs as pets, in addition to being cute, the main reason is that the price of African bullfrogs is not high. Adult male African bullfrogs are olive green with a yellow or orange throat. A large African bullfrog can be the size of a dinner plate! Female frogs are much smaller and light brown in color, and young bullfrogs are more vividly colored, with white or yellow lines extending from their backs. As the frog ages, the color fades to the adult color, and adult African bullfrogs have a shovel-shaped knob on their hind feet to help them dig. African bullfrogs are known for having huge heads and strong bones, and although they have no teeth, their lower jaws have three structures called denticles. These are very similar to teeth, but differ from teeth in that they grow on the top surface of the skin. The African bullfrog is one of only three frogs with teeth. African bullfrogs have a size that most other frogs can't match. Its strong legs help it escape danger, and its skin helps it absorb oxygen and moisture. These skins are also full of glands. They secrete a smooth solution that both keeps the skin moist and helps the frog escape from predators. Although African bullfrogs are amphibians, African bullfrogs can live in dry climates. They can live in mountains, and the secret to their adaptation is that when the climate gets too harsh, they burrow in the soil and enter small burrows to breed, not coming out until the climate becomes more favorable. African bullfrogs feed on reptiles, amphibians, insects, mice, and other small mammals. Sometimes African bullfrogs eat tadpoles. Like most other frogs, African bullfrogs are carnivores. It hunts with its everted tongue. The tongue attaches to its prey, pulling it into the frog's large mouth. Once caught by the dermal teeth, it is nearly impossible for the prey to escape. People who live near African bullfrogs sometimes eat them and consider the meat a delicacy. In addition to humans, raptors and monitor lizards will eat African bullfrogs. African bullfrogs do not have a gestation period. Once the female frog is caught by the male, the female frog lays her eggs on the surface, and about two days after the fertilized eggs, the tadpoles can be seen hatching. Since the African bullfrog is an amphibian, the young bullfrog is omnivorous from birth, eating plants, live and dead insects. As they mature, they become full-fledged carnivores. The exact number of African bullfrogs is not known, as their numbers are declining due to human hunting


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