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5 Creepy Animal Genetic Experiments That Create Scary Things That Help Humans

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5 Creepy Animal Genetic Experiments That Create Scary Things That Help Humans

Science can be creepy. Any man-made object that distorts the nature of natural things may create terrible things. Science is a torrent, moving forward forever. Humans attempt to replace the role of creators to create creatures, but scientific genetic experiments also have May fail, if you are also interested then follow us into the world of labs. Japanese scientists have been studying mice since 1998. They ignored all possible warnings and decided to genetically modify the mice. The laboratory used the DNA of mice and made them produce some interesting changes. After several weeks of experiments, the scientists achieved In something unusual, one of the mice was genetically mixed with birds, and the vocal cords could make bird calls, and the researchers quickly replicated this phenomenon in other mice, all of whom were able to make bird calls and soon after. Communicating with each other, perhaps through these genetic methods, humans will be able to speak the same language as animals in the future. Humans cannot see in the dark, but many organisms have the function of self-luminescence, and laboratories in the United States are already researching methods to develop bioluminescent genes and turn this gene into an evolution. It turns out that the development of light-emitting organisms is simpler than expected, and many laboratory animals can be modified to self-luminous features, effectively making variants without harming the creature, and can transform humans into mutants with superpowers, It is believed that within a short period of time the laboratory will be able to create more and more frightening or fascinating superhumans based on the abilities humans desire. There is also a terrible problem in the future that may cause a huge crisis or disaster, that is, the food crisis, food substitutes, has always been the key development project of the United States and other advanced national laboratories, and the food that has the most opportunity to develop at present is Rat milk, you may find this food objectionable, but the experimental data may change your mind. Currently, mouse milk can strengthen the human immune system, so that humans can still get it without starvation, like mice. Just as strong immunity, according to a recently published scientific analysis, human milk contains only 4 to 5 grams of lactoferrin, while mouse milk can produce 160 grams of lactoferrin per liter, which means that mouse milk has more lactoferrin than yours. Imagination is more suitable for humans. In the future supermarket, this kind of mouse milk may be as high as more than 1,000 US dollars. Some of the genes of mice have been changed by humans. Using them to produce more lactoferrin may be a trend in the future. On the way to go. Solving the problem of human aging is the goal that all human beings want to overcome. It is currently known that proteins collected from shark brains can be used to fight Alzheimer's disease, and special proteins extracted from rabbits can also help humans treat muscles. But these extraction processes are all very complex and still have intractable shortcomings. Scientists are experimenting with a formula that could help extend human lifespan. In the past 10 years, scientists have made significant progress in cloning. They have put The technique, applied to extinct organisms, is now getting closer to the point of success, having so far successfully resurrected prehistoric bacteria. Although bacteria are very small, restoring genetic material from extinct creatures has a chance to make the Tasmanian tiger the first extinct animal in the world to be rescued The gene has been restored, so cloning and resurrection, the future is bound to become a reality.

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