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The polar overlord, polar bear, hunts seals, bites the seals in one bite, and bites them to pieces

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The polar overlord, polar bear, hunts seals, bites the seals in one bite, and bites them to pieces

Climate change has a great impact on the ecosystems of animals and plants in nature, and is the root cause of conflicts and competition between species. Humans have a great impact on nature, causing many animal species to lose their habitats for survival. Polar bears are one of them. The lack of food makes it more difficult for polar bears to survive. Let's go hunting for food with polar bears today. Unlike other bears, polar bears often hunt alone in spring. Polar bears are on thin ice, waiting for seals to appear. For seals, among animals in the cold Arctic, polar bears are the most terrifying. The main prey of polar bears is seals, only When seals are unavailable, the bears turn to hunting other animals. Polar bears are very picky when it comes to eating, and they usually don't eat the skin of their prey. Generally polar bears eat only muscle tissue and only eat the carcass of their prey when they are too hungry. In the summer, because there are no seals to hunt, polar bears have to become omnivores and eat almost anything they can find. The current rate of global warming is rapid, and the Arctic is the region most affected by climate change as sea ice shrinks rapidly. , making the hunting area of ​​polar bears relatively small. These huge bears rely on a diet of large amounts of animal protein for their livelihoods, and they have to travel long distances to find alternative food sources, including invading human-occupied areas to forage , In order to survive, polar bears even steal bird eggs to make a living, and the survival of polar bears is becoming more and more difficult. After a day of hunting in a cold area, the polar bear's stomach is empty, and as the land becomes more barren and desolate, it will take longer to hunt for food. The leftover meat of a large whale can temporarily wrap its belly. If it is not for survival, polar bears are extremely reluctant to eat dead animals, but unfortunately, the polar bear family still has to fight to get the meat of this dead whale. Happened, male bears are inherently aggressive and female bears are powerless to resist, so she has to wait for the moment to be full. After days of heavy snow, mobility also became a big problem, and most of the prey was hiding, so it was more difficult for polar bears to find food. Despite the cold, the polar bear family had to go looking for food, in such snowy days, the sun was not getting enough light, so it was difficult to identify and find seals, in bad weather, the success rate of hunting seals was very low, because the bears need fat and Protein, finally found a fresh seal carcass, perhaps hunted by other bears not long ago, after eating all the fat, the leftover meat can comfort the polar bear cub, at least not going to starve today. The story of the polar bear is just one of the horrific conditions that many animals are going through. For polar bears like the largest carnivore on land, how will they survive such a harrowing situation, humans will soon face a confrontation with polar bears. The same predicament, human beings who are still wasting resources endlessly, shouldn’t they stop and think about it? video click here


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