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Weird, the warthog teased the lion, but finally the lion got angry and killed the warthog

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Weird, the warthog teased the lion, but finally the lion got angry and killed the warthog

There is one animal that scares all animals, and I think you can also guess that this animal is the lion. The violent and bloodthirsty nature of the lion itself makes most animals afraid to approach the lion. Lions have an excellent hunting strategy. In the face of large prey or fast-running prey, they can always unite to attack the prey. This is the most effective lion attack. The main attacker in the attack is the lioness. Among the lions The male lions, because they have leadership, they only take responsibility and get the most resources for the least labor, which is the same structure as human society. The lionesses in the lion pride are very scary, no matter what the prey, getting close to these lions at will, the result will be disastrous. But nature is always full of surprises. Warthogs often approach lions ignorantly, often making lions uncomfortable. Warthogs dare to tease lions. Lions are a dominant species and they are easily provoked. Even so, warthogs are often alive and dead. Wandering around in front of the lion, what makes a warthog so reckless? In fact warthogs know that lions are lazy killers, lions are most aggressive only when they are hungry, warthogs are often hunted by lions, but when lions are full, warthogs will deliberately be where the lion can see Luring a lion to attack, which is seen as a form of revenge and decompression, is also common in many human societies. Of course, the lions are rude to the warthogs, and sometimes the enraged lions will attack, causing the warthogs to be seriously injured or even lose their lives, but after the warthogs know that the lions are full, the other warthogs will still provoke the lions. There is a rule in the warthog's heart, because the warthog does not want to see the lion sitting down and resting after it is full. The lion always treats the warthog with a certain pride and coercion. Although the warthog cannot defeat the lion, it can. Making opponents angry is also good for warthogs. Warthogs that often provoke lions, lions will remember them, warthogs often burrow to hide and sleep at night, lions will observe and remember where warthogs hide, when hungry, lions will spend hours digging burrows. Like warthogs, lions are also highly vengeful, so they will concentrate and use all their powers to take revenge on warthogs who have previously provoked them. Although the lions would lose their majestic image as kings of the jungle as they dig their warthog burrows, the hungry lion had mud on his face and breathless, the lion did not let his prey escape, and this time the male gnawed desperately. In addition to being hungry, the lion is also taking revenge on the warthog who likes to tease the lion. Also as prey, buffaloes will not make these unnecessary provocations. They usually hide away when they see lions. Buffaloes will not have provocative behaviors like warthogs. When buffaloes face the attack of lions , Lions will also be wary of the strength of a group, especially a wild buffalo herd that is surprisingly powerful and united, if there are many buffaloes. The wild world has always taught humans many things. In order to survive, both humans and animals must know their own strengths. They should never scorn and provoke people who are stronger than you. Video Click here

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