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The African clawed frog is a large, flat frog that inhabits the bottoms of lakes and rivers

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The African clawed frog is a large, flat frog that inhabits the bottoms of lakes and rivers

The African clawed frog is a large, flat frog that lives primarily on the bottoms of lakes and rivers. Also known as Platanna, the African clawed frog has a number of very unique characteristics, which means it's specially adapted to its habitat. The African clawed frog is thought to have originated in South Africa and is found naturally throughout the African continent today. African clawed frogs have also been introduced to the Americas and parts of Europe. African clawed frog anatomy and appearance The average adult African clawed frog grows to about 12 cm and weighs about 200 grams. African clawed frogs are usually green, grey, although other colors of the African clawed frog are not uncommon (eg albino). The color and mottled pattern of the African clawed frog's skin allows it to better camouflage as a hungry predator. They have a stitch on either side of their body that acts as a sensory organ to detect prey in the surrounding water. Their eyes and nose are on the top of their heads, allowing them to see and breathe, but not too conspicuous. African clawed frog distribution and habitat African clawed frogs are most commonly found in eastern and southern Africa, along the Great Rift Valley, where they prefer stagnant water to rushing streams. African clawed frogs are benthic and only leave safe waters when forced to migrate. They inhabit warm shallow streams and rivers during the summer and enter flooded forests during the rainy season. Thanks to the introduction of humans, African clawed frogs can now be found in many freshwater habitats outside of Africa, where they can be a very invasive species. Behavior and Lifestyle of the African Clawed Frog The African Clawed Frog spends its entire life in the water, except from time to time it sticks its head out of the water to breathe. African clawed frogs can swim sideways, backwards, forwards, up and down, and in all other directions at incredible speeds. It is a ferocious predator. Once it finds food, the African clawed frog will use its claws to capture the prey and shovel the prey into the mouth of the African clawed frog. The African clawed frog has evolved very successfully as a benthic animal, which means it is more protected from predators and has better food choices


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