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According to Indian legend, the Amazon river dolphin is the largest freshwater dolphin.

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According to Indian legend, the Amazon river dolphin is the largest freshwater dolphin.

Amazon river dolphins, also known as pink dolphins, are freshwater mammals that live in the Amazon River and the waterways of Bolivia and Peru. Pink dolphins are actually a type of puffer dolphin. They are smaller than other species of dolphins. These Dolphins must live in warm, shallow waters because they have very little blubber and cannot tolerate the cold of deep waters, so only warm waters can keep them alive. At present, the Amazon puffer is the largest species of puffer fish found. Males are twice as large as females, and their adult weights can reach more than 200 kilograms. Scientists are currently divided on whether the Amazon dolphin is actually one, two or three different species. Scientists have found that some Amazon dolphins swim upside down, but some do not, so it is impossible to conclude whether these cute pink dolphins are not. The same species In 2014, Brazilian scientists published a study in the journal describing the puffer fish in the Araguaia River as a unique species, the Araguaia pufferfish. The puffer dolphin, which lives in Bolivia, is another unique species. As of 2022, the IUCN only recognizes three subspecies, the Amazon, Bolivian, and Orinoco dolphins. Pink pufferfish have a distinctive dolphin smile, and they have rounded foreheads and elongated mouths with conical teeth that they use to catch small fish and other prey. The nose of the pufferfish is very long, up to 0.5 meters, about four times as long as the nose of the dolphin. The Amazon pufferfish has a two-chambered stomach, and they breathe through a stomata that expel air. These pufferfish are very agile, they can make sharp turns in the water and also like to swim upside down. The Amazon dolphin does not have a dorsal fin, but he has an evolved hump. This animal uses strong flippers and tails to move through rivers and aquatic animals. Plant rich area. Compared to ocean dolphins, puffer dolphins swim relatively slowly. Their top speed is about 35 miles per hour. The reason is that their cervical vertebrae are not fused, but this gives the puffer fish more flexibility, which can turn their heads without moving their bodies. It is worth mentioning that the brains of puffer fish are particularly large, their IQ is equivalent to that of a 7-year-old human child, and they often interact with humans. Pufferfish have unique ear adaptations that help them survive underwater environments. Dolphins hear sounds from their throats rather than their ears, and pufferfish ears are also acoustically separated from their heads. What separates these two body parts is the sinus bag. This combination gave the animals enhanced directional hearing underwater. Dolphins use high-frequency sounds to communicate, which allows them to generate sonar to locate, which allows pufferfish to survive even if they are blind. Also, their eyes are on the sides of the head. This means that their vision has two separate points, not the same as humans. The researchers believe that puffer fish have such poor eyesight that many animals are killed by inadvertent contact with fishing nets. They are not aggressive to humans, and as a result of being too close to humans, many puffer dolphins have been hunted by humans. At present, there are only 1,500 Aragua dolphins in the world.

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