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Since lions and hyenas don't eat each other's meat, why do they try to kill each other?

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Since lions and hyenas don't eat each other's meat, why do they try to kill each other?

Lions and hyenas are the two top predators of the African savannah. They are natural enemies. These two species are not natural enemies. They kill each other not because they want to eat each other, and sometimes lions will miss each other. Killing hyenas for no reason is just because lions hate hyenas from the bottom of their hearts. The reason why lions hate them is not without reasons. The feud between these two races was not created overnight. According to the study, the overlapping habitats of lions and hyenas is also due to the same food source, which makes lions and hyenas become the main competitors. As food becomes more and more difficult to obtain on the African continent, they often fight for their prey, Not only that, the hatred between lions and hyenas has also turned into cubs who specialize in attacking each other, suppressing each other from the number of the population, and this competition has become a contest between top predators. In the African savannah, lions always frighten all animals with their extremely powerful attacks. The lion's teeth can cause fatal damage to the back of the prey's neck, but hyenas also have professional instincts. When the lion is struggling to attack the warthog, the hyena smells the warthog. , I also want to come in and take a share. Hyenas tear warthogs by biting the back half of warthogs. The greed and laziness of hyenas make lions hate them very much, and they blatantly snatch the king's food, which has a great impact on the majesty of lions. Influence, the competition for food between hyenas and lions leads to the killing of each other's cubs, which is why adult lions, whenever they have the opportunity, will kill the cubs of hyenas, and they have set a deep hatred since their ancestors. In order to save energy and avoid unnecessary damage, only when the opponent becomes weak, the two species will vent all their anger on each other's head, staged an extremely catastrophic cat and dog battle, lion will not be against a pack of hyenas Take the initiative to attack, because the unity of the hyena group makes the lion fall behind, but the hyena will not attack the strong lion, because it usually takes more than three hyenas to take down a lion, and only when the opponent is obviously weak, take advantage Therefore, hyenas often take advantage of opportunities to attack old or injured lions. They take advantage of the overall number and the weak state of lions. As long as hyenas attack, lions usually have only one way to die. Be very vigilant about this, as long as there is a slight negligence, the lion will pay the price of life, because this group of hyenas has been planning revenge for a long time, and the health of the lion determines the success or failure of the struggle between the lion and the hyena. Although hyenas often lose in battle, they are still very powerful, hyenas are very smart and cunning, if the lion relaxes its guard, the hyena will grab the food when the lion is not looking, the lion can kill the hyena, but the same hyena can also kill Lions, the advantages and disadvantages of these two opponents depend on the right time and place. For the long-standing hatred in their hearts, the hyena and the lion will always wait for the opportunity to bring a fatal blow to each other, and the purpose of all this is to survive in this world


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