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Impala miraculously escapes lions, wild dogs, hyenas, leopards and crocodiles without fighting back

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Impala miraculously escapes lions, wild dogs, hyenas, leopards and crocodiles without fighting back

Impala is a gentle animal, because of their medium size and no ability to fight back, they are the favorite prey of most carnivores, the laws of nature will not change, the strong will always happen day after day, if the weak accept With fate, animals that do not fight bravely will have no right to survive. Even though death is not far away, the impalas are still trying their best to escape predators. Their horns can only be used to fight against the same sex. In order to fight for mating rights, they have strong horns to mate with females, but their horns are very Weak and unable to resist attacks from predators. The only weapon nature gives the impala is to escape. On the African savannah, the impala can accelerate to 100 kilometers per hour in a short distance, or run at a speed of 48 kilometers per hour for a long time. The impala faces the lion, The threat of predators such as leopards, wild dogs, hyenas, and even crocodiles in the water are their natural enemies. The environment always brings many dangers to impalas. Many wounds, which are evidence of the cruelty of the wild world. No matter how badly the impala is injured, you can still see the exuberant vitality of these herbivores, and in order to survive, the impala will go to great lengths to stay alive, because as long as there is the slightest thought of giving up and giving in to fate, they will be eaten by predators immediately. Hyenas have always been the enemy of these impalas, they will snatch the impalas with the leopards, but there are many times that the impalas have escaped because of the struggle of the predators, it is not easy to escape from the hungry predators This must be done with a lot of luck and a strong belief in survival. Impalas have a higher will to survive than other herbivores. After being attacked, impalas will bravely survive no matter how difficult it is. , even if they have broken bones or broken horns, and while impalas are generally weak, their strong will to survive sets them apart. The world is a combination of cruelty and pain, and human society is also unavoidable. The failure of the weak usually lies in the lack of a strong will to survive. I hope you and I can learn from the impala in adversity, never bow to fate and have the ability to overcome. Adversity determination. video click here

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