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The "world's largest horse" weighs a ton, do you know how the weight of a horse is calculated?

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The "world's largest horse" weighs a ton, do you know how the weight of a horse is calculated?

The horse circle is full of knowledge. The literacy scope of this column will extend from horse breeding, horse raising, and horse racing to various equestrian sports. In short, only dry goods are provided here! The stallion Noddy from Australia belongs to the Shire horse. It is 2.05 meters high from the hoof to the shoulder and weighs more than 1 ton. It has been successfully listed by the Guinness Book of World Records as "the largest horse in the world". Noddy's grandfather was once the tallest horse in the world. Nine-year-old "Radar" is a Belgian workhorse, standing 2.02 meters tall and weighing a terrifying 1,088 kilograms. What is the approximate weight of an adult horse? The answers vary, for example, most adult thoroughbreds weigh between 900 and 1,200 pounds, and other horse breeds vary in size and weight. The universal and convenient method is of course to go directly to the scale, but what if there is no equipment for a while? Today, we introduce several "original" but very convenient and quick measurement methods. To estimate the weight of a horse, you need to measure the horse's chest circumference (heart girth) and body length (body length). Note: Before measuring the bust, please let your horse relax its head. What needs to be recorded is the data when the horse is exhaling. 1. Bust measurement This method is based on the horse's chest circumference to estimate the weight. You can directly use a weight belt specially designed to measure the weight of a horse. The scale on this belt is usually in pounds, and the weight value can be read directly. Or measure the bust with a ruler, and then compare the weight with the table, you can read the corresponding weight. It is important to note that this method will have an error of 100 to 200 pounds, and is only suitable for estimating adult horse weight, which will be inaccurate when used in foals. 2. Formula calculation method This method will be more accurate than the direct measurement method of the body weight belt. The horse's chest circumference and body oblique length need to be substituted into the following formulas to calculate a relatively accurate body weight. Formula 1: Adult horse weight (kg) = bust (cm) x bust (cm) x body oblique length (cm) ÷ 11877 Formula 2: calf weight in two months (kg) = { body oblique length (in) -25 } ÷ 0.073, nomogram method (1) Bust + body oblique length The following is the nomogram of the readable weight, first mark the bust (cm) on the left ruler (Girth), and on the right ruler ( Length), mark the oblique length of the body (cm), and then connect the two points. The intersection of the straight line and the middle weight scale (Weight) is the weight value. (2) Body Condition Score + Height This method needs to first determine the horse's "Condition Score" (Condition Score) and height (height). The Condition Scoring system, on a scale of 0 to 5, gives your horse a score based on its fitness. (This method seems to be more subjective) For the data of the comprehensive body condition score (left scale) and height (right scale) data, the intersection point can also be found by the method of connecting lines. Note: The unit of height on the right ruler, hands, is the width of one hand (about four inches, or 10.16 cm, to measure the height of a horse). Transfer from -- the first horse racing network


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