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Cats - Killers You Can Hold

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Cats - Killers You Can Hold

What is a cat? Every child knows it. However, despite being one of the most familiar animals, cats have an indescribable sense of mystery. What are they for? What do they want? Cats spend 85% of their day doing nothing. Eating, drinking, hunting, excreting, and mating only account for 4% of a cat's life, with an additional 10% spent wandering around, and the rest is spent sleeping, or just lying there. Some people say that cats are the last animal to be domesticated by humans, cats were domesticated by the ancient Egyptians 3,500 years ago. In fact, cats should have domesticated humans for their own purposes on their timeline. In the U.S. today, only 25 percent of cat "owners" say they intentionally acquired a cat themselves, while the other 75 percent of cat owners are the ones who came to them. Research shows that more people are asking to own a cat. Not that they have cats there. If your cat disappears for a while, it's not actually leaving here to hunt elsewhere, but eating another free meal next door or sleeping on the windowsill with one of its many doting owners. Cats eat the equivalent of five mice a day. But even with no restrictions on food, a cat can only eat the equivalent of a mouse at a time. But does your cat eat five meals a day? of course not. So it can only be the result that it will go out and find food somewhere else later. One of the biggest selling points of cats is that they are clean animals and carefully bury their droppings after they poop. That's not always the case, and they only do it about half the time. They leave piles of feces around the edges of their territory as a stinky sign: no entry. A polite word for this behavior is "Shh! Go away!". Milk, cat food, and central air conditioning are all bad for cats. Milk makes them diarrhoea, cat food makes their gums rot, and central air conditioning makes them shed all year round, which they then lick off and swallow into their stomachs, clogging their digestive systems. There are approximately 75 million cats in the United States, and these cats are inexorably responsible for the deaths of approximately 1 billion birds and 5 billion mice each year. Just before the 17th century, as a form of entertainment, people woven wicker in the shape of the Pope, put live cats in them, and burned them with fire, creating a sound effect that delighted the Puritans, but it was not for cats. It's a disaster: they have exceptionally keen hearing, and can even hear the sounds of bats. Research proves what every cat owner knows: After humans, cats are some of the most distinctive animals on the planet. Yes, they are very smart, especially when harassed. There are many well-documented stories of cats abandoned by their owners who were able to trace their owners back to their homes hundreds of kilometers away. Can cats understand maps? Maybe. Cats can indeed tell the time, and new experiments have shown it. The ancient Egyptians worshipped cats like gods: killing a cat, whether intentional or not, was a death sentence. When a cat dies, its owner should shave off his eyebrows. Whose idea is this? I guess it's a cat because cats don't have eyebrows. This article was originally created by cute animal lovers. Welcome to pay attention and take you to grow knowledge together!

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