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If you don't know the guard "Three Musketeers", how dare you say you like guard dogs?

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If you don't know the guard "Three Musketeers", how dare you say you like guard dogs?

If you like dogs, especially handsome dogs that can protect people, then the guard "Three Musketeers" can learn about them. If you don't know them, you can't say you like guard dogs. Let's take a look at the world's three top guard dogs.


Origin: Germany Features: Fierce and mighty, calm, affectionate, protector Very conscious Rottweiler used to be a cattle guard, and now he is a well-deserved "civil servant", and is widely praised for his work as a military police dog. Its guarding ability is innate, and it is said that in the Middle Ages, wealthy merchants would hang money bags around its neck to ensure the safety of their money. Rottweiler's temperament is calm and emotional, and the consciousness of protecting the master is engraved into the DNA. It is not an exaggeration to say that he is the strongest close guard. He can always switch guards at the first time of danger. status to protect the safety of the owner.


Country of Origin: Italy Features: Double-sided personality, high cold on the surface, actually docile Cathrow is inside the "Three Musketeers" It is relatively low-key, but it does not mean that it has no strength. It has extraordinary courage and endurance, and has a strong bite. When fighting, it is often like a heroic general. It is also very loyal to its owner, docile to other family members, and has a certain tolerance for children's excessive behavior. However, because its temper is relatively stubborn and its obedience may be relatively low, it is necessary to pay more attention to methods and guidance during training.

Doberman Pinscher

Origin: Germany Characteristics: Lively and alert, alert and brave, easy to train Doberman pinscher is also one of the excellent military police , it is a super dog that combines the advantages of dogs such as Rottweiler, Manchester, Potheron and Greyhound. Moreover, its body structure is strong and well-proportioned, its coat is smooth and shiny, and it is born with a noble temperament. Its loyalty and vigilance are very strong, and it will respond to almost a little trouble. It has a smart personality and strong learning ability. If you have professional training ability, then the Doberman Pinscher will be your best choice. But Doberman's hair is short and thin, so it is resistant to heat and cold, and it is also prone to injury and skin diseases, so it must be taken care of. So what do you need to pay attention to when feeding them? 1) Training must be in place. To raise guard dogs, you must face the problem of training, and you must do a good job of social training! If there is no training or lack of training, it will make the dog difficult to control and easy to develop bad habits. It will not be an excellent guard dog, let alone a family companion dog. It is recommended that the shovelers who raise them should adopt a scientific and professional training method. It is best to match them with positive and positive rewards. If they do the right command, they will be rewarded with snacks, which can motivate the dog to a certain extent, so that it can seriously engage in training. 2) Very large food intake These three kinds of dogs are large guard dogs, and they will definitely eat a lot in each meal. So please think twice before you want to breed. If you raise them, you can't suffer the children no matter how hard it is. It is recommended that when choosing food, choose a dog food with high cost performance, which can supplement nutrition and will not be poor. Reminder: If you are in a city that is banned from raising animals and you do not have skilled professional training techniques, it is not recommended to have ideas about them!


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