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High-value thermal insulation pot, keep a pot of warmth for you

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High-value thermal insulation pot, keep a pot of warmth for you

There is a concern called "drinking more hot water".

Drinking more hot water is really good for the body,

But I have been burned since watching the explosion of the old glass thermos The news is no longer available.

Thinking about buying a thermos with a high safety factor

——I found Lianchuang's vacuum thermos .

The price is not expensive, the appearance is high, the low-key Nordic style,

With the smooth line design curve~

Of course, as a thermos, beauty is definitely not enough, quality and practicality are more important! Its inner tank is made of food grade 304 stainless steel, with 5 layers of special materials, using advanced vacuum technology, computer control to complete the extraction, welding, cooling and other links, so that the vacuum degree of the inner tank reaches 99.99%, ensuring long-lasting heat preservation! Lianchuang's thermos uses a double liner, and the official data is that after 24 hours, the water temperature is still 50 degrees Celsius. After using it, I can responsibly say that the thermal insulation effect is great! After standing for a few hours, the poured water is still hot, and it needs to be left aside for a while before drinking. The overnight water is still warm when it is poured out the next morning~ Do you have any friends who have the same experience, that is, when you poured the water, you did not control the range, and the water overflowed accidentally and became There will never be such a situation in the "flood" site with Lianchuang's thermos! Its spout is designed into a V-shaped with clear streamlines, and the water flow is smooth and stable when the water is discharged, which can prevent the water from splashing. When pouring water, you don't have to worry about becoming a "flood disaster" scene anymore~ and its lid is a classic rotary type with a built-in food-grade silicone seal, which is not only sealed and leak-proof, but also very easy to disassemble and clean. Little friends can also use it with confidence~ I am deeply impressed by its push-type opening and closing design, which can be easily pressed, and the water will come out immediately. It can be operated with one hand, which is very convenient! Girls with little strength can also hold it with one hand~ When you are busy at work, you can also pour water for yourself with one hand! It has a large capacity of 1.5L, and a pot is equivalent to 6 cups of water. For me, it is enough to live alone and buy this capacity, and I don’t need to repeatedly boil water to get up, which easily satisfies my day’s needs. demand! It's really good to use, I have already placed an order to buy one for my parents! The autumn air is cool, and the weather is getting colder, so be careful to keep warm~ Drink more hot water and keep it as warm as ever. Bring the Lianchuang thermos home as soon as possible!

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