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The five habits of cats, the barometer of cats' preferences, it is not difficult to understand the thoughts of cats

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The five habits of cats, the barometer of cats' preferences, it is not difficult to understand the thoughts of cats

Hemingway once commented on cats: "Cats have touching loyalty. Humans, for various reasons, hide their feelings, but cats don't." We don't speak each other's language, but cats are so comprehensible that they can quickly read our intentions and respond to us with body language and meowing. Cats are also rectal, and they disdain cheating or pretending. If you want to know more about cats, if you are a new shit shoveling officer, then you must understand the five life habits of cats. This is the barometer of cats' preferences, which will help you understand cats' thoughts more easily. 1. Cats like to live a regular life. Cats can't tell the time, but they seem to have an alarm clock in them. Cats like to wake up at set times, lick, eat, play, and sleep. Cats are also very smart to observe the owner's life patterns and adjust their work and rest time accordingly. At first, my cats also liked to be noisy in the middle of the night. Later, their work and rest time basically synchronized with me, but they always woke up earlier than me, and then quietly waited for me to wake up. Of course, if you choose to stay in bed, the cat will also come to remind you on time that a new day begins! 2. Cats hate confusion and don't like change. If you don't want cats in the bedroom, make rules from the start and stick to them. Because cats can't understand the fickle characteristics of humans, why do the same thing, the owner is happy for a while, and then scolds me and beats me. Cats don't like too many changes to the living environment. For example, if you throw away the old scratching board, the cat will get angry, and the cat will hide when there are guests at home. For cats, every day is the same, they won't feel boring, that's the best! 3. Cats are territorial. If you have a dog, the dog may be more than happy to explore new worlds with you. Dogs love to live in groups and to follow people. But cats like to stay in their familiar environment, without any danger, without the invasion of alien species, and without unfamiliar smells, so that cats will feel at ease. Male cats are naturally more territorial, but female cats also value their own litter. For example, my Luk Fook, every time I clean her mat, she stares at me. Fourth, cats love to sleep. Cats sleep 16-20 hours a day, and very few cats suffer from insomnia. Every cat has its own favorite sleeping place. They may nap in different places at different times. Some cats like to sleep high, some like to bask in the sun, some like to curl up in the corner, and some like to lie on their backs. on the ground. 5. Cats are frank, sincere, and unabashed. Cats don't hide their feelings. If they don't like being held, they will struggle desperately. As escape masters, cats will definitely find a way to get out. If they want to stay by your side, they'll jump up on you, beside you, or just lie on top of you, whether you like it or not. If you are at work, the cat may lie directly on your keyboard, forcing you to focus on it, put down your work, and be with the cat. In addition to these five, each cat may have its own little personality, but these five are life habits that a cat will have! I used to be afraid of cats, but now I like to get along with cats, even more than humans, because they are very frank and straightforward. Being with cats is very helpful to relieve the pressure of work and life, and keeps me optimistic at all times. Thank you cats for your company. If you have a chance to meet a cat, please cherish every day you spend with it! I believe cats love us far more than we love cats!

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