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What is a safe cat like? See if your cat will run when you are suddenly approached

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What is a safe cat like? See if your cat will run when you are suddenly approached

Has your cat ever behaved like this? The cat lays flat on the ground with its belly completely exposed, which is a very safe position. For cats, its belly is the most vulnerable place. Generally speaking, kittens will not expose their belly, or even resist the shoveler to touch its belly. If a cat can turn its belly on you, it means that the cat trusts you. In addition, we know that cats are very alert animals, and this position does not make them roll over and run away in the first place. Therefore, if the cat can sleep with its belly exposed, it means that the cat trusts the surrounding environment. A cat with a sense of security shows this: leisurely, comfortable, daring to expose his weaknesses, and not having a strong sense of crisis. To see if the cat has a sense of security, mainly observe the cat's performance at these times:
  • Sleep
It is easy to wake up, indicating that the cat has a stronger sense of security. Sometimes we can see cats sleeping in such a position: this position looks like the cat has twisted its body, but in fact this position is very comfortable for the cat, allowing the cat to stretch its muscles and bones. Cats have 30 vertebrae, and each vertebra is interspersed with thick, soft and elastic fibrocartilage, which can support them in all kinds of wonderful shapes. Cats in the wild usually sleep with their four paws on the ground, and generally cats sleep on their stomachs or on their sides. This sleeping position allows the cat to quickly get up and escape at the moment of danger, which is obviously impossible for cats with strange sleeping positions. Some cats also roll themselves into a circle, a position that keeps them warm and protects their most vulnerable belly. Cats are very vigilant. Many sleeping cats have woken up before you touch them. But a cat with a sense of security may not wake up if the shit shovel officer hugs it while sleeping. Therefore, the more strange the cat's sleeping position, the less likely it is to wake up when sleeping, and the more secure the cat is.
  • Eating
Cats who devote themselves to cooking, don’t look around, don’t protect their food, and don’t hide their food, are very safe. Eating is also something to be vigilant about. For cats in the wild, it is very easy to be attacked when eating. Although domestic cats are unlikely to be attacked when they are eating, this vigilance is also a source of vigilance. handed down from generation to generation. If the cat stops to look around after eating two bites, and then gives up eating after being disturbed during the meal, it means that it does not fully trust the eating environment. If the cat can protect food and hide food, it may be that the cat feels that the food resources are not sufficient, or has been robbed of food.
  • Facing the approach of the shoveling officer
The shoveling officer should be the most familiar and most trusted person to the cat. A cat with a sense of security will not retreat or run away in the face of the shovel officer's approach, and will be curious about anything in the hands of the shovel officer, and will take the initiative to smell it. Insecure cats will run away quickly when approached by the shit shovel officer, and run to a place they think is safe to hide. At this time, the more anxious the shit shovel officer is to call the cat to find the cat, the less the cat will come out. This situation may be a psychological shadow left by the cat since childhood. If the shit shovel officer often frightens the cat when he suddenly approaches the cat, the cat will take the sudden approach of the shit shovel officer as a danger signal and react to escape.
It is not easy to develop a cat's sense of security, but it is very simple to destroy a cat's sense of security. When many shit shovelers first raised cats, because they like cats very much, they always want to watch cats and play with them. But if you always disturb the cat when the cat is sleeping and eating, it will make the cat feel insecure about the environment where it is, and it will also give a dangerous signal to some actions of the shoveler. There are also some shit shoveling officers who are keen to sneak up on cats from behind. For example, when they pass by the cat, they make a sudden noise to frighten the cat, thinking that they are playing with the cat. But this is the easiest way to lose the trust of cats. Yes, cats are a species that is keen to attack others, but cats themselves do not like being attacked. The sneak attack of the shit shovel will make the cat feel very unsafe. The cat will always judge whether the shit shovel will attack it as before in the next second, so there will be situations where the shit shovel will approach and run away. And raising a cat with a sense of security, the sense of happiness and experience of raising a cat will be directly pulled to the full level!

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