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Why do some cats eat cat litter? From these four reasons, let the cat understand that cat litter cannot be eaten

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Why do some cats eat cat litter? From these four reasons, let the cat understand that cat litter cannot be eaten

It was an ordinary day, and the editor was happily watching videos... Then I saw a cute little cat eating cat litter! Deng Feng's cat thinks back, it seems that Xiaobian's cat has never eaten cat litter! Is it possible that eating cat litter is really hereditary? So, the editor began to wonder, why do some kittens eat cat litter? Isn't eating cat litter just eating dirt? Is the cat food not delicious or the meat is not fragrant, how can there be kittens keen to eat soil?

Cats' curiosity makes them taste cat litter

Most cats eat cats The situation of litter occurs when cats can just eat when they are young, and it is rare for cats to eat cat litter as adults. During this period, cats are the most curious, and they are in the stage of understanding the world. They want to touch and try everything. Many kittens will play in the cat litter when they see it for the first time, accidentally eat two bites, or even sleep in it. Generally speaking, cats have eaten cat litter once or twice in their childhood. After knowing that this thing is not delicious and can not be eaten, they will not eat cat litter again. The shit shoveling officer should also tell the kitten at this time: This is cat litter, not for eating, but for burying poop in the toilet!

May be one of the manifestations of pica

If the cat often eats cat litter, you need to consider whether the cat has it Pica. Pica is generally caused by lack of trace elements in the body, excessive mental stress in cats or physical diseases. Some cats and dogs will eat soil and grass. One of the reasons is that they feel that there is a lack of trace elements in their bodies. Some cat litter contains minerals, such as bentonite cat litter, and cats will take the initiative to eat cat litter to supplement these trace elements. At this time, the shovel officer will give the cat timely nutrition. Some cats may also feel nervous because of strange things in the house, new pets, or reprimands from shit shoveling officers. Under long-term tension, cats may also eat cat litter to relieve it. When cats have anemia and kidney disease, they will also eat cat litter, mainly because of lack of trace elements, such as iron deficiency. If the shit shovel officer can't stop the cat from eating cat litter by all means, and the cat is getting thinner and weaker, you need to consider whether there is a physical problem.

The smell of cat litter attracts cats

There are many types of cat litter with different ingredients. , the effect is also different. For example, bentonite cat litter is more suitable for cats' feet, and the biggest advantage of tofu litter is that it is soluble in water and flushes the toilet, which is more convenient. Another feature of bean curd sand is that it is mainly based on plant materials such as bean curd residue. It smells of milky fragrance, which can easily attract cats and arouse their appetite. Nowadays, many cat litter based on plant raw materials are edible-grade cat litter, so if the cat eats it, there is no need to worry. In addition, if the cat feels good after eating cat litter a few times, it may cause "habitual eating cat litter".

Because it's too boring to play cat litter and accidentally eat it

Speaking of which, the shit shoveling officers may not believe it, some Cats will play with their own "dung balls", which is to pull out a lump of cat litter as a ball, chasing and playing around the room. What's more, there are directly playing with their own poo! This is that the cat is so bored that he has no toys to play with, so he has to take aim at what looks like a ball in his litter box. Cats are actually very self-entertaining animals. Even if there is no shit shoveler to play with them, they can find things that can be used as toys at home to make them have a lot of fun. However, if the cat is so bored that it starts to play with its own dung balls, the shoveling officers should buy more toys for the children and spend half an hour every day playing with the cat for a while.

What are the dangers of cats eating cat litter?

It doesn't matter if you eat a few grains of cat litter occasionally. In fact, when the cat goes in and out of the cat litter box, occasionally a few grains of cat litter will be brought out from the gaps between the claws, and then eaten into the stomach when the cat licks its fur and paws. This cat litter is excreted through your cat's natural bowel movements. But if the cat often eats cat litter, it may be poisoned. There are many additives in the composition of cat litter, such as guar gum, deodorant particles, pigments, flavors, etc. Some cat litter with particularly low prices may also be poisonous cat litter, and the bacterial content in it exceeds the standard. So don't think that it's okay for the cat to eat some cat litter once or twice. If you find that the cat eats cat litter, you should stop it in time.
After discovering that the cat eats cat litter, in addition to strictly stopping it, you can also change the cat litter to something that the cat does not eat, or to an edible grade, and then slowly teach the cat to change the small problem of eating cat litter. .

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