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Women sleep better with dogs, study finds

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Women sleep better with dogs, study finds

Is it comfortable for you to lie in bed with your dog? A recent study showed that women were able to sleep better next to their dogs. The study also found that women slept better and more soundly next to their dogs compared to their partners. So don't be ashamed if your dog sleeps with you in bed, it can actually help you get a good night's sleep, according to this study.

How it was studied

This study was conducted by researchers at Canisius College in Buffalo, NY. They collected survey data on 962 women to investigate the relationship between pet ownership and sleep. In the study, 55 percent of women had at least one dog sleeping in their bed, 31 percent shared a cat bed, and 57 percent shared a bed with a companion.

Why this study was done

Previous research has shown that sleeping with humans can have both positive and negative effects on sleep, but the impact of pets on our sleep The impact of quality is poorly understood. The researchers wanted to see what effect sharing a bed with pets had on sleep patterns and routines.

What were the findings

According to research, dogs sleeping in their owners' beds had less sleep disturbance and greater comfort and sense of security. Dog owners were also found to go to bed earlier and wake up earlier than cat owners. Cats sleeping in their owners' beds are reported to be just as destructive as their human companions, and less comfortable and less secure than human and dog companions. The study is in line with a 2015 Mayo Clinic study that assessed the sleep of people and dogs living in the same bedroom to determine whether the arrangement was beneficial for sleep. They found that people with only one dog in the bedroom maintained good sleep efficiency, but the dog's position in or on the bed made a difference. Why do women who sleep in bed with their dog report better sleep quality? One suggestion was that dog ownership was associated with a strict daily routine, so routine could explain those participants who adhered to a strict sleep schedule. It's important to remember that these are only preliminary results. Follow-up studies are necessary to determine whether pet owners' effects on sleep are consistent with objective measures of sleep quality. Although I'm not a scientist, I think there's some truth to it. Sleeping with a dog in bed makes me feel safe and comfortable, and of course I'm not alone. According to a recent survey, 42% of dog owners allow their dog to sleep in bed at night. Does your dog sleep with you? Comment below to tell the home that you have pets.


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