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Why do dogs take so long to defecate?

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Why do dogs take so long to defecate?

Why do dogs take so long to defecate? Like many things in life, there is more than one easy answer. The reason why dogs defecate for so long has to do with two things. It has to do with smell, social signals and magnetic fields. From aligning with the Earth's magnetic field to responding to other dogs' social cues, dogs have a lot to take their time when it comes to finding the best place to sit.

Dogs have their own internal shit compass

First off, you might be wondering what the world has to do with shit and magnetic fields. Dogs use their own poop compass when they go to the toilet. Studies have shown that dogs poop according to the Earth's magnetic field. When researchers looked at how and where dogs defecated, they found that they longed to line up on a north-south axis. Scientists believe that dogs use magnetism when deciding when, where and how to poop. Do those dogs spin before squatting? The researchers also believe this is an attempt to align it with Earth's magnetic field. Although this phenomenon does seem strange, it is not unique to dogs. It has been suggested that cows and foxes also preferentially line up on Earth's magnetic field lines during defecation.

Scent markers and social cues play an important role

When it comes to why dogs take so long, don't underestimate the role of scent markers. This is an instinctive behavior, and the dog will lay down urine or feces to make a statement. Not just to relax yourself, but to leave all kinds of information on the ground. It's an instinctive behavior of wolves to leave scent trails on the edges of their territory to signal others to "keep vigilance." When our dogs poop, they leave messages on the ground that can convey various information such as how many dogs are in the area, whether they are friendly or not, i.e. whether the bitch is in heat. These social cues from other dogs may influence when and where your dog goes to defecate. In many cases, the smell of another dog can trigger the urge to defecate.

Every dog ​​is an individual

While we know why dogs take so long to defecate, it is important to remember that every dog ​​is are individuals with their own quirks and preferences. Some dogs are more fussy than others when it comes to finding the best spot to squat, while others seem to have no trouble. Don't be offended if your dog takes a long time to decide where to poop. They didn't do it to piss you off, and there's a good scientific explanation for that.


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