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To refute the rumor, kittens are used to breast milk and reject goat milk? The shovel officer can also use a towel to solve the problem

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To refute the rumor, kittens are used to breast milk and reject goat milk? The shovel officer can also use a towel to solve the problem

What should I do if my kitten refuses to drink goat milk? Some people say that this is because the kittens were used to drinking breast milk before, and suddenly they were a little uncomfortable when we brewed and eat goat milk, so they directly rejected us. But is this really the case? In fact, when we feed the kitten, we often don't pay attention to some details, which will cause it to reject drinking goat's milk, so as long as these details are corrected, it is easy for the kitten to fall in love with drinking goat's milk. But we must know that artificial feeding kittens will definitely have a certain sense of resistance. Don't force them to drink milk, just let them get used to it slowly.

Feeding a kitten is very important and we mustn’t be sloppy

If you feed your kitten, most people will choose to feed it like a child The same way, holding the kitten in your arms and feeding it with a pacifier, but in fact this is a wrong position, and some kittens will particularly reject this position, because when they are in this position, they are feel dangerous. Cats are relatively timid animals regardless of their size. Once they feel danger, they will enter a corresponding state of stress. At this time, let alone drinking milk, it may not be possible to let them stay at ease. do it. Then someone has to ask, so which position should we adopt to breastfeed? We need to analyze the actual situation of this problem. For kittens of different ages, we use different postures when feeding.

The age of 2 weeks is a watershed, and the posture is good enough to drink milk

Milk cats under 2 weeks old: At this time, the feeding should refer to the cat's original breast milk Action, we can let the kitten lie on its palm or on a warm pad, let its head be higher than its belly when drinking milk, put the pacifier into its mouth, and squeeze out slightly Goat's milk allows the kitten to get used to it, and when it tastes it, it will bite itself and start sucking. Milk cats over 2 weeks old: At this time, the kitten's claws have some power, and it also has a certain mobility. The wrong feeding posture not only hurts the cat, but also hurts ourselves. We can sit cross-legged, Then let the kitten lie on our lap and turn it into an uphill look, so that it is easy to feed and does not cause it to choke. If this still can't stop the naughty kitten, then we can use a towel to solve this problem, wrap the kitten in a towel, like a zongzi, which can effectively control its body and allow us to protect it Be kind to yourself.

The feeding tools are also very particular, and the good milk cat is crazy for food

First of all, let’s talk about this way of feeding with a bottle, using a pacifier Breastfeeding kittens is the method most people use. In addition, it is also a more natural way to feed goat milk. Will the cat continue to drink milk? If it is a pet-specific feeding bottle that needs to cut a cross opening on the nipple, what extent should it be? It is probably to such an extent that when the bottle is turned upside down, it will drip milk on its own. If we use a human bottle, we need to open a ventilation hole at the root of the nipple, which is similar to the above, because some kittens will not suck. After doing this, we can assist the kitten by squeezing the nipple. drink milk. The second is to use a needle to feed the kitten. The needle is more suitable for cats who are weak or cannot suck, but we should pay attention that if you want to use a needle, you do not need to push milk too much, even if it is not A kitten that sucks, but it can still do its job by licking. It is difficult for unprofessional people to push the needle tube. If you are not careful, the milk will choke on the milk cat. We must be very careful. In fact, the way of needle feeding is not recommended. It is best if the milk cat knows this place. When you can have food out, you can switch to a bottle. The last method may be that we are in a hurry and cannot find suitable tools around. That is the spoon feeding method. It is very difficult to drink goat milk for milk cats with a spoon, which requires us to shovel Shit officials are very patient. Every time, the milk in the spoon must be slowly poured into the kitten's mouth, and the posture and pouring speed must be particularly appropriate, otherwise, whether it is poured too fast or the posture is wrong, it will be fed to the lungs of the kitten. , so that the milk cat has symptoms of coughing. Every kitten can only drink milk when it is first born, and they only like to drink milk at that time, so it is impossible for them to refuse to drink milk, but the mother cat's breast milk is more for the kitten. It is a kind of milk that we are used to, but the goat milk we prepare for it can also be drunk. At this time, normal kittens are cared for by their mother cat. At that time, we did not need to intervene at all, but there will also be kittens that have not been born for a long time and leave the mother cat. At this time, we are only here. help it. #HOMEDiary##"Flash Moment" Theme Essay Phase II#


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