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Is it difficult to take care of your cat's oral health? Only need these two steps, 24 hours caring care

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Is it difficult to take care of your cat's oral health? Only need these two steps, 24 hours caring care

Last time the dogs received a New Year's spree, so why should it be our kittens' turn this time?

Unpacking the box, let's take a look at the Lantern Festival gift package that @ headline pet feeds the cat people, there are some good things! Man, there are quite a few, and the kitty can't wait to unpack it! I believe that brushing cats' teeth is a pain for many shit shoveling officers (finger headaches). Who makes people only love toothpaste and don't like brushing their teeth! Now we have Duomeijie Natural Fresh Tooth Cleansing Gel extracted from natural plants, cats are even happier! Even puppies want to try it. Just squeeze a drop on the surface of the cat's teeth every time. A bean-sized gel can effectively clean the entire cat's mouth. Using it once a day can eliminate plaque and prevent dental calculus. , every kitten who doesn't like to brush their teeth deserves it! In addition to the gel, the daily tooth cleaning care of Meow Stars can also be combined with Duomeijie natural fresh breath tooth cleaning water, which is also edible grade extracted from natural plants. Add a bottle cap to every 500 ml of drinking water, and the next whole Take care of your kitty's teeth all day long! Wow, my cat and dog grew tall and tall by drinking the milk powder of Medellin when they were young. The blue-green powder cute color matching packaging is so familiar that we can no longer be familiar with it. This time we received Medel's pet nutritional supplements. Agent: cat collagen lecithin, and probiotics necessary for cat families. The skin and coat of cats have the functions of keeping warm, defending, and retaining moisture. When they are infected by bacteria, produce stress reactions and lack nutrients, cats will experience frequent itching, excessive hair loss, increased dander and other skin abnormalities. Phenomenon. Especially long-haired cats, the health of the skin and coat requires meticulous care. Medallion Collagen Lecithin: Contains natural ingredients such as oat flour, chicken liver powder, flaxseed powder, collagen, fish oil, etc., to provide cats with nutrients needed for their skin and supplement the nutrients needed for cat skin and hair growth. Spring is here, will shedding season be far behind? First, lay a good foundation for my kittens, and refuse the "bald" summer! Lecithin is very palatable and can be fed directly or mixed into food. Both ways of eating are very popular with kittens. They bury their heads in a jar like an ostrich and do not want to come out for a long time! Medallion cat probiotics include: American gastro-acid-resistant proprietary probiotics, which establish a balance of intestinal bacteria for cats and protect cats' gastrointestinal health; and valleys that help cats protect the health of gastrointestinal mucosa and maintain the structure and function of the intestinal barrier. Amino amide. For example, our family has a sensitive glass stomach, which is prone to indigestion, soft stools, diarrhea and other symptoms. We need to prepare probiotics for it to regulate, relieve gastrointestinal discomfort, and restore gastrointestinal function at any time. The gifts this time are super thoughtful. They are all assured products. They are low-key, luxurious and connotative. They are simple and practical. The cats are very satisfied. Thank you so much! Take good care of the master's health, it is everyone's responsibility to shovel shit! A new beginning of the new year, I wish all the kittens in the year of the ox that has just arrived: healthy and safe, and there are small dried fish every day! #New Year's welfare club#


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