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There is also a tiger infestation incident in the United States, and the confrontation with the police was almost shot to death! Missing for 6 days

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There is also a tiger infestation incident in the United States, and the confrontation with the police was almost shot to death! Missing for 6 days

Recently, news about the appearance of big cats has frequently occupied the hot search, causing a heated public debate. For example, the wild Siberian tiger "Wandashan No. 1" in Mishan City, Heilongjiang came down the mountain to the countryside, and three leopards from Hangzhou Wildlife World fled... However, it has been 22 days since the Siberian tiger "Wandashan No. 1" was captured. , What is the "quarantine" situation, but there is no latest news; the third leopard in Hangzhou Wildlife World has been fleeing for 26 days, and its whereabouts are still unknown. Recently, there has also been a tiger infestation incident in the United States. A Bengal tiger disappeared after appearing in a residential area, and its whereabouts are still unknown 6 days later. On May 9, local time, in a residential area in Houston, Texas, a male resident named Ramos was having dinner at home. Suddenly, through the glass, he saw a tiger appear across the street. Ramos was nervous, but took out his phone to shoot. At this time, a nearby police officer (plainclothes) who just got off work met with the tiger, and the confrontation between the two began. While telling other officers on duty about the tiger's presence, the police took out a pistol and pointed it at the tiger. This tiger is not afraid of people, it suddenly walked slowly towards the policeman, and the policeman shouted a warning to the tiger as he stepped back. Photo: The confrontation between the tiger and the police When the tiger was about to be shot by the police, a man named Kuvas came over and begged the police not to shoot the tiger, then kissed the tiger on the head and took it with him away from the scene. When other police officers arrived, Cuvas loaded the tiger into a car and drove off, escaping police pursuit. But on May 10, police arrested Cuvas at his mother's home, without the tiger by his side. According to Kuvas, the 9-month-old tiger is a Bengal tiger named "India". But Kuvas said he was not the owner of the tiger, and refused to disclose his relationship with the tiger or cooperate with the police to find the tiger. Therefore, the police have no way of knowing whether the tiger was moved elsewhere or released outdoors. Photo: Cuvas takes tigers away from the scene. Although the United States has no wild tigers, it is a "captive tiger country". The WWF estimates that there are now at least 5,000 captive tigers in the United States, most of them privately fed. However, state governments in the United States have different attitudes towards private captive tigers. About 20 states prohibit private feeding of large wild animals such as tigers, and some other states allow residents to obtain relevant licenses to feed tigers. In Texas, where the tiger-infested incident occurred, residents can feed tigers after registering with animal control and paying a deposit of at least $100,000. Pictured: Photo of Cuvas and tiger Carol Baskin, founder of Big Cat Rescue, an American feline protection agency, watched the video and agreed with the police who first spotted the tiger. First, the policeman found that the tiger slowly backed away from the tiger instead of turning around and running away, which was an effective way to prevent arousing the tiger's desire to attack; secondly, the policeman showed amazing restraint when facing the tiger. The other police, perhaps the tiger had been shot long ago. At the same time, Ms. Baskin said that tigers should not live in private homes, because many "tiger owners" did not receive professional training to take good care of tigers. residents are in "extreme danger". She wants the tiger "India" to be sent to live in an accredited animal rescue centre. Pictured: Ms Baskin and the tiger The disturbing thing is that 6 days have passed since the tiger "India" appeared on the street and it is still missing. During the period, the Houston Police Department held a press conference, telling the public to call the police if anyone found the tiger, but no reliable information has been obtained so far. At the same time, the police searched many places in Houston, but found nothing. Police speculate that the tiger is still in Houston, and finding it a day later will increase the panic it brings to people by a day.


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