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Why is it easy to get fungal skin diseases in summer? dog fungal skin disease treatment

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Why is it easy to get fungal skin diseases in summer? dog fungal skin disease treatment

Summer is quite difficult for cats and dogs, it is stuffy and hot, and has poor appetite, and there is no place for fun during the day. What's more terrible is that there is a hateful skin disease that doesn't come sooner or later, but it happens at this time. Why are dogs prone to fungal skin diseases in summer? Next, I will share with you the treatment methods for dog fungal skin diseases! 1. Due to the high temperature and strong ultraviolet radiation in summer, many owners like to shave the dog's hair. Originally, the outer layer of the dog is protective hair, which can isolate the temperature. Now it is easy to get skin diseases if the skin is burned by direct sunlight. 2. The fungus will multiply wildly because of the advantages of high temperature and high humidity in summer. It is also the fault of shaving, which will put the skin in direct contact with germs in the environment. Walking your dog in the grass will also have more exposure to parasites in the environment. 3. In order to cool down pets, owners may bathe them frequently. Many owners think that this can not only cool the temperature but also avoid the interference of diseases such as parasites. However, it is not. The layer of sebum on the outside of the epidermis of pets has a certain defensive effect on the skin surface. Frequent bathing will destroy this layer of barrier, and the skin of animals is very thin. Too frequent washing will inevitably damage the skin. Of course, if you don't take a bath for a long time, it is not good for your skin. 4. Due to the hot weather, the pet's blood is mainly distributed in the periphery in order to dissipate heat, resulting in insufficient blood supply in the gastrointestinal tract, poor appetite, poor appetite, and a large amount of drinking water to dilute the stomach acid, which further reduces the appetite. The body's lack of nutrients and insufficient energy supply results in insufficient resistance. 5. Pets have heat stress in a hot environment, and their immunity is relatively weak, which makes some harmful bacteria or parasites take the opportunity to invade the body, such as common Demodex and Malassezia, which are normally parasitic in Hair follicles and body surface do not harm the body, but when the body's immunity is low, it will take advantage of the weakness to multiply and make pets sick. Knowing the reason, we can make preparations accordingly. Let's take a look at the treatment methods for dog fungal skin diseases. It is important to prevent bacteria and mites from finding dogs. 1. Healthy and balanced diet It is recommended to choose some natural ingredients dog food or formula dog food specially formulated by experts for the skin and hair of dogs to give dogs comprehensive nutrition and improve their own immunity and resistance. 2. Remember to see a doctor when you encounter skin diseases. Although there are many causes of skin diseases, the symptoms are generally similar. If your dog unfortunately suffers from skin diseases, it is best to consult a doctor and do not use drugs indiscriminately. 3. Keep the home environment clean Regularly disinfect and clean the places where dogs come and go, and remember to wash off the remaining detergent (because the chemicals in some detergents can cause skin allergies in dogs). 4. Keep the dog's body dry and clean. After each bath or wet from the rain, be sure to blow dry the body, so as to avoid the dog's body being wet and becoming a breeding ground for bacteria. 5. Regularly combing the dog's hair Spring is the season for dogs to change their hair. Regular combing can prevent the shed hair from remaining on the body. The hair after each brushing is more airy and dry, reducing the growth of bacteria. 6. Improve the dog's self-defense system. For example, putting a lice repellent belt on the dog or using lice and parasite medicine appropriately can help the dog to avoid the nuisance of lice and parasites, thereby reducing the chance of contracting skin diseases.


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