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Is it immortality, or resurrection? The ageless lie of the lighthouse jellyfish

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Is it immortality, or resurrection? The ageless lie of the lighthouse jellyfish

Survival is the eternal topic of all life since ancient times. This colorful world is the spark generated by the collision of the will of life. As the spirit of all things, human beings have the strongest will to live, and this will is all hope and pain. The source of , is the shackles that can never be shaken off. Therefore, immortality has naturally become the ultimate goal that people pursue. Are there creatures that never die? An animal called the "lighthouse jellyfish" is often thought to be the only immortal animal. Lighthouse jellyfish

Do lighthouse jellyfish really live forever?

The lighthouse jellyfish is a small jellyfish. The body is bell-shaped, with a diameter of about 4-5 mm, the body is transparent, and the red digestive system can be seen, which is like a lighthouse, hence the name. It is considered immortal because of its magical ability to rejuvenate its youth. It is the only known organism capable of recovering from the sexually mature stage to the larval stage. In the summer of 1988, Christian Sommer, a German marine biology student in his 20s, found the beautiful lighthouse jellyfish at the seaside, so he put the jellyfish in a container filled with sea water , A week later, when he was about to make this jellyfish a specimen, he found that the container was empty. Where did the jellyfish go? Sommer carefully observed the inside of the container and found that there were small translucent bodies deposited at the bottom. He, a biology major, saw at a glance that it was the polyps of the lighthouse jellyfish. The jellyfish polyp, the so-called polyp, is a life form of cnidarians. The jellyfish will go through two stages: the polyp type and the jellyfish type. The general jellyfish gradually grows from the juvenile polyp type to the jellyfish type. Sexual reproduction, fertilized eggs hatch into polyps, go through several stages such as transverse larvae, disc larvae and finally become adult jellyfish. But this lighthouse jellyfish took a reverse path. The lighthouse jellyfish split into hundreds of polyps. This is not a special case. According to National Geographic, as long as the conditions are right, almost all lighthouse jellyfish have the ability to grow in reverse. During this process, the cells in the whole body of the lighthouse jellyfish will be transformed, among which muscle cells will be transformed into nerve cells. Meta cells, or sperm and eggs. Through asexual reproduction, this single polyp colony will again grow into a few hundred jellyfish with nearly identical DNA to the previous adult beacon jellyfish. This reverse growth process from adult to larvae can theoretically be repeated indefinitely. When a polyp grows into a jellyfish, it may change again under the stimulation of starvation, sudden change of water temperature, mechanical damage, etc. A polyp, which is considered proof of the immortality of the lighthouse jellyfish. Swarms of lighthouse jellyfish

Clone your own lighthouse jellyfish

But do lighthouse jellyfish really live forever? This depends on people's definition of life and death. If it is judged by the demise of the body, the lighthouse jellyfish can indeed live forever. At the moment when the jellyfish dies, its cells are transformed into numerous polyps, which do not die. A jellyfish splits into many jellyfish that are exactly the same as the parent body. They even have the same genes, but the cells have been replaced. It is like the Theseus ship. When all the hull structures have been replaced, it is still the original shape, but Is it still the same boat? Is the lighthouse jellyfish the same jellyfish? This is like cloning, even if it is a genetically identical clone, it is difficult for us to regard it as the same thing. The bottom of the lighthouse jellyfish In addition, people's definition of life is not simply the existence of the body. People believe that life is a combination of the body and the spirit, and memory plays a crucial role in the definition of the individual life. Does the lighthouse jellyfish have memory? Will its memory be passed on to the polyp that it fissioned from? Too many questions we don't know. From this point of view, the immortality of the lighthouse jellyfish is doubtful, and people are more inclined to think that the rebirth of the lighthouse jellyfish is actually a process of asexual reproduction.

Poor is asexual, Da is sexual

The jellyfish is a cnidarian that was born more than 600 million years ago , has a very primitive body structure, this kind of creature generally has the ability of asexual reproduction, not only cnidarians, but also many primitive creatures with simple structure, including planarians and earthworms, have the ability to divide and multiply. In the face of environmental threats, planarians that can be regenerated by cutting off their heads use asexual reproduction to ensure the continuation of their genes. In a normal environment, lighthouse jellyfish still mainly reproduce sexually. Mature male jellyfish will release sperm in the water, and females will inhale these sperm. After fertilization, the jellyfish will generally die, and the fertilized eggs hatch into polyps , open a new round of life cycle. Sexual reproduction is an important means of biological evolution. The mutual exchange of different genes promotes genetic diversity and enhances the ability of species to adapt to the environment. Lighthouse jellyfish sexual reproduction map Lighthouse jellyfish may indeed not be immortal, but it will choose sexual reproduction or asexual reproduction by judging whether the environment is good or bad. This brainless creature has almost chosen a way of continuation that is more secure than that of all higher creatures. It can be seen that all miracles of life point to one end-survival. The wisdom of life is not only in the brain, but also in life itself.


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