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The 400-pound brown bear broke into the human residence, but people didn't know it, and it made people feel cold

Time:2022-11-29 18:12:37 author:Fish Read:943次
The 400-pound brown bear broke into the human residence, but people didn't know it, and it made people feel cold

A brown bear weighing several hundred kilograms was walking around in the human residence, and suddenly two men came out of the basement. The sudden appearance of the human made the brown bear startled. Watching every move of human beings, the two men were unaware of the behemoth that appeared behind him. Going forward, with the expansion of human activities, the global vegetation and forests have been destroyed, and there are more and more opportunities for humans and large carnivores to come into contact in daily life. Sometimes they will break into the places where humans live to find Food, in the face of such a behemoth, humans often choose to avoid it. After all, the brown bear is one of the largest mammals in the carnivorous order on land, and its combat effectiveness is quite explosive. The body length of brown bears is generally 1.5 meters to 2.8 meters. In between, the heaviest brown bear weighs more than 800 kilograms. In addition to its daunting weight, it also has sharp claws and steel-like teeth. If it angers this behemoth, it will be produced with a full swing. The 1600 kg slap force mainly makes the unarmed human skin tear open and lose their resistance, not to mention its 850.68 pound bite force. Since the combat power of the brown bear is so strong, we have seen in many videos that the fighting nation has put the brown bear on it. Playing like a toy, what the hell is going on? There are three reasons. The first is that the brown bears in the video have been domesticated by humans. Such brown bears have lost their original ferocity and wildness, just like the lions and tigers in the circus, which are allowed to be manipulated by the trainers. The second reason is that many of the brown bears in the video are not big and belong to young bears with little combat experience. Even wild brown bears will not cause one-shot damage to humans. The Russian nation belongs to a nation that likes to drink alcohol. After two glasses of wine, they are full of alcohol. In the eyes of drunkards, don’t say brown bears. Even elephants can bring them down. In fact, humans are in large wild animals. In front of him, the power is still too small. Trying to kill the brown bear with the power of the chicken is just a piece of film and television. We often say that the ideal is very full, and the reality is very skinny. I encountered such a large carnivore in the wild. , we'd better stay away and not act recklessly. What do you think about this matter? Welcome to leave your viewing in the message area, this issue is here, thank you for watching!


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