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The sense of peeling ritual: a dance about the viper, with a unique hunting stunt

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The sense of peeling ritual: a dance about the viper, with a unique hunting stunt

Only a "gentleman" without a "lady" dance

In early spring, the sun shines on the permafrost, and the earth begins to gradually return to life. The vipers have just crawled out of their hibernating burrows underground, and in a few days they will gather for a "court dance". At first, only "gentlemen" would join the dance, and hundreds of snakes would entangle into a ball, which is a rare spectacle in nature. The "gentlemen" join the dance first, while the "girls" don't hibernate until two weeks before they go out. Many people think that bad things happen when cold-blooded animals gather together, they are evil, but this is not the case. These cold-blooded reptiles gather first for warmth and second for courtship. The dance was full of warmth and romance, without a hint of evil. The New Clothes Viper is the only venomous snake native to the UK, and they are easily identifiable with a V mark on their neck. The peeling takes place each spring during a large gathering of Viper. Before peeling, they stop moving, and then a white membrane appears on the eyes, which separates the old and new skins close to them. This biological behavior occurs whenever the snake grows, several times a year. Peeling not only allows snakes to grow, but also helps them repair skin wounds, get rid of parasites, and more. The war of the "gentlemen", the prom in layman's eyes changed from "warming" to "court" after the peeling was over, initially "gentlemen" joined the party, but soon "girls" also join in. The sex of the viper is easy to tell, with the female's huge head in stark contrast to the male's. Proms go on for a long time, sometimes weeks. This kind of party is called the dance of the wonder snake by the locals, and it only appeared in myths and legends at first. At first, the vipers were entangled with each other. Most scientists would think that this was a courtship ritual. Later, after repeated observation, it was found that this was a war of "gentlemen". Without the participation of "girls", they were fighting for the mating rights of females. , but Vipers are quite "elegant" when they fight, and they never show their blood to their competitors. They hope to push each other to the ground with great force. To us laymen, it looks like two snakes Like dancing, a group of snakes joins, as if a group of snakes dance together. Mating and Breeding After the Ball When the winner of the ball is finally decided, the strong Viper gets the right to mate. Like most snakes, the viper has a very strange mating process, with the male snake wrapping its body around the female and then mating. Unlike most mammals and insects, which have short mating times, this can last for several days in snakes, and only when disturbed by other males do the two snakes split apart in shock. When the two snakes mate, the female viper has fertilized eggs. Unlike some snakes, the viper can lay eggs. The eggs of the viper stay in the body, and finally hatch a small snake and directly produce a small snake. This reproduction method is very similar to viviparity, but it is different from viviparity. Scientists call this reproduction method ovoviviparity. Ovoviviparous snakes have a higher survival rate in juveniles than egg-laying snakes, because many egg-laying snakes have eggs that may be eaten by other animals before they hatch. In addition, ovoviviparous snakes are generally not limited by temperature, and even if the local temperature is relatively low, they can hatch smoothly. An egg-bearing viper relies on the sun to heat its body so that the eggs can hatch inside the viper. Most snakes are basically distributed in the south, and few snakes are distributed in the cold north, but the viper is well adapted to such a life. Oviparity allows them to live farther north than their own kind, where they have few natural predators. Unique hunting skills As a highly representative poisonous snake, the viper mainly feeds on all kinds of rodents. In the "infrared sensory world" of the viper, a warm rat is particularly eye-catching. Using their eyes and heat-sensing organs, they can quickly locate their prey and then attack by surprise. The fangs of the viper are very long. They fold their fangs when they are not in use, and when they need to attack their prey, they will instantly expand like a switchblade, and then inject venom into the rat. Unlike cobras, their venom doesn't have a long range, which means that vipers can't kill their prey by spraying venom like cobras, and they must fight "melee." It is very dangerous to attack the prey at close range, so the viper must be careful, their poison is much higher than that of the cobra, they only need to bite the prey and release the mouth instantly, and the poison can paralyze the prey on the spot. Some of the mice might have fled, but the mice began to bleed, allowing the viper to follow the heat-sensing trail. Most mice die on their way to escape, and Vipers can detect mice by smell and residual heat. The venom can make mice "incontinent," and the smell of urine can reveal their location, new research shows. Vipers have almost no natural enemies in the UK. They are the species at the top of the food chain, and they do not have any friends. These cold-blooded killers will not cooperate with any animals, and all animals will stay away when they see them.


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