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Species Encyclopedia: Brinell's Tortoise

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Species Encyclopedia: Brinell's Tortoise

Brucella's tortoise, also known as Meteor Zephyr, belongs to the genus Tortoise. Mainly distributed in the United States and Canada, prefers calm waters, and inhabits ponds, swamps, and streams with soft bottoms and lush vegetation. It is an extremely cold-resistant turtle. They are mainly aquatic, but they often come to land to bask on their backs. Shy by nature, if disturbed, he will run away. Omnivorous, feeding on fish, frogs, shrimp, carrion, berries and vegetables. The neck is long, the head is slightly flat, the eyes are prominent, and the nose does not stick out. The carapace is smooth, helmet-shaped, dark brown to black, and has many irregularly shaped, radially arranged yellow dots and worm patterns. The plastron is bright yellow with large, symmetrically distributed black patches. The back and sides are blue-grey with yellow scales on the legs and tail. The chin, throat and belly are bright yellow with dark lines on the upper jaw. They inhabit shallows and swamps in early spring, where they seek food and mates. When the swamps dry up in summer, they migrate to other habitats. Most of them start breeding in the spring of March-early April, practice polyandry, and females rarely have only one partner. Eggs are laid once a year, 3-19 eggs are laid each time. Like other tortoises, T. brucei exhibits temperature-determining sex characteristics: males hatch at 26.5°C, and females hatch at 31°C.


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