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An artist's unconventional riches: An NFT picture sells for 400 million and can buy 4 Beijing villas

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An artist's unconventional riches: An NFT picture sells for 400 million and can buy 4 Beijing villas

If one day you sell one picture, you can exchange 4 single-family villas in Beijing, do you think it is whimsical? However, such things are actually happening in our world. In 2007, Charleston-based digital artist Beeple still could not predict what would happen in 2021 13 years later. At that time, he only knew that he worked diligently to create all kinds of funny and unpredictable satirical image works every day, but he never imagined that these seemingly absurd works would become a sensation for him many years later, and by the way he became The key to being a billionaire - you know, in the history of the world, the image of an artist is often poor, not to mention that at that time, he would think that he could surpass the richest artist in the world, Damien Hirst. Everydays: The First 5000 Days comes to March 11, 2021. After 5065 days, he feels that if JPG pictures created with digital art are put on the Internet, they can be copied at any time, and they cannot reflect the work itself. At this time, NFT has become extremely popular in the United States, so he selected 5,000 digital pictures, spliced ​​them together, and made a huge picture with a volume of 316M, named "Everydays: The First 5000 Days", Then use blockchain technology to make unique NFT digital works, which will be auctioned by Christie's. Even though Justin Sun offered $60.2 million to buy it, he still couldn't get it! In the end, this picture was won by the Indian Metakovan, and the transaction price reached an astonishing $69.34 million (about 449 million yuan). As a result, everyone knows that it has created many world-shaking records: Christie's first auction figures Artwork, the most expensive NFT transaction ever recorded, one of the most expensive artworks ever sold, and the third highest auction record for a living artist (behind Jeff Koons and David Hockney)! In particular, the transaction price record of NFT may not be surpassed for a long time. This auction is a milestone event, marking the redefinition of the value of digital artwork, and the key supporting technology behind it, NFT, is instantly known to the world! So, do you know what NFT is? Let's first look at the standard answers that are easy to confuse ordinary whites! The standard explanation of NFT is: Non-Fungible Token (Non-Fungible Token) refers to the use of smart contracts to generate consensus in the blockchain network to issue digital pictures, which will be obtained in the blockchain network. A unique, unalterable, indivisible hash string password that represents ownership of a digital image. The essence of auctioning or trading digital artworks is to transfer the ownership of the password string. In China, NFTs are also known as digital collections. Such an explanation sounds a bit overwhelming, so let's listen to a simpler explanation. The problem of selling digital pictures: I PS a picture on the computer, the artistic value of this picture is still there, so I want to sell it very conveniently. At this time, the question comes: How can I prove it if I want to sell the picture? The picture is mine? If the buyer wants to buy, how can you prove that you are only selling to me? After all, it is too easy to copy pictures on the Internet. If I want to trade, how can I avoid the situation that the money will not be delivered or the goods will not be delivered? And so many questions. And if this picture is put into the blockchain for sale, there will be fewer problems. First, publish the picture on the NFT trading platform, declare the copyright of the picture, and then the platform will generate a unique digital ID for the picture, and then the ID will generate a token ID through the "smart contract", this process is called casting , this token ID is the only certificate on the blockchain network, usually a string of numbers and letters as long as dozens of digits. In this way, this picture is NFTized. If someone likes your work, he can bid for your token ID, and this transaction record will be recorded on the blockchain network, and the ownership will be transferred from your hands. to the buyer. After that, on the blockchain network, at any time, the ownership of the NFT belongs to the buyer. In this process, although there are many participants, all transactions are actually conducted by buyers and sellers themselves. The role of the blockchain network is to "witness and record" the process of transactions, and the role played by the NFT platform It is "casting the picture into NFT and matching the transaction between the buyer and the seller". The final transaction is just the transfer of the token ID representing the ownership from the seller to the buyer. Of course, the above description is only a very simple process, and in the actual transaction process, it is far more complicated than the above. However, despite the complexity, the emergence of NFT still solves the transaction and ownership process problems of digital products. It can be said to be a typical application of the integration of blockchain technology and life. There may be many people who think that it is not worth it to buy an NFT picture at a price of 400 million, but in this sensational event, we will see that technology is promoting human beings to further open up digital life! Perhaps the price of 400 million is worth it. What do you have to say about the artist selling 400 million NFT pictures? If you like my article, please like and encourage us! Original: Science First Class

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