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Do cats need to eat hair cream?

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Do cats need to eat hair cream?

Hair removal cream was touted as a magic medicine in the past, but was later relegated to waste. Now it is time to give a correct evaluation of hair removal cream. Hair cream is actually a product that helps cats get rid of hairballs in their bodies. Next, I will introduce the three aspects of why cats need to discharge their hair, the commonly used methods of hair removal, and the misunderstandings in the use of hair removal creams. 1. Why do cats shed hair? The cat's hair needs to be replaced frequently, which is commonly known as hair loss. Cats spend a lot of time cleaning their own hair every day, licking their hair for 65% or more of the time except sleeping. When a cat uses its tongue to lick its own hair, the dense barbs on the tongue will send the cat hair to the cat's throat, and a large amount of cat hair (about 70%) will be eaten by the cat. That is to say, we usually see other people madly covering the room with cat hair. In fact, it is only a small part of the cat's forehead, and most of it is eaten by the cat itself. When these cat hairs enter the body, they will form hairballs of endless size. The most troublesome thing is that these hairballs cannot be excreted through normal defecation. If the hairball accumulates more and more, it will block the intestines, which we call hairball disease. In severe cases, it will cause a life-threatening intestinal obstruction in cats. 2. What are the current methods of hair removal? There are currently three methods for cat hair removal, namely, eating cat grass to make cats vomit, eating cat food with hair-controlling formula, and eating hair-reducing cream. 1. Eating cat grass and removing hair is the most common practice. Cat grass can be of various grasses and weeds. Other grasses can also be used, but grasses of the grass family are more suitable. After cat grass is eaten by cats, it will cause stomach reactions because cats cannot fully digest cat grass in their own intestines. A severe stomach reaction will cause the cat to vomit, and the vomiting will also spit out the hairballs in the stomach. Some cat grass will also be excreted along the intestinal tract with the feces, because the cat grass cannot be completely digested, so it can also bring out part of the hair balls in the intestinal tract. This is how cat grass hair removal balls work. In addition to hair removal, cat grass can also supplement some vitamins for cats. There are so many benefits, just use cat grass to dehair the cat, why do you need the latter two? In fact, this involves a problem. Most cat grass actually stimulates the cat's stomach and makes the cat vomit. Only a very small amount of cat grass can enter the intestinal tract, so cat grass works well on the hairballs in the cat's stomach, but it is not effective in stimulating the intestinal hairballs. The majority of cat hairballs are in the intestines. 2. Hair ball control cat food hair control hair ball cat food has a completely different effect than cat grass. This kind of cat food will add some substances to control the formation of hair balls and accelerate the discharge. The biggest problem with this kind of food is that these added substances are either added cat grass or added hair cream ingredients. However, adding cat grass is not as effective as eating cat grass directly, and adding the ingredients of hair removal cream is not as effective as eating cat grass directly. Because food is eaten every day, hair removal does not have to be done every day, but once after a period of time is enough. After all, hair balls have an accumulation process, and new hair balls do not appear every day. 3. Hair removal cream The working principle of hair removal cream is to lubricate the cat's intestine, and through the added dietary fiber to promote intestinal peristalsis and promote the excretion of hair balls from the body. And after lubricating the intestines, it also makes it difficult for the cat to produce hairballs in the intestines. Some hair removal creams will add some papain, maltosaccharin, etc., which have the effect of softening the hair, and the purpose is also to make the hairballs more easily excreted. Here you can see the difference between hair removal cream and cat grass. Hair removal cream is mainly aimed at the hairballs in the cat's intestines, and cat grass is mainly aimed at the hairballs in the stomach. This is why many cat owners wonder, they feed their cats cat grass almost every day, and the cats often vomit, but that is the reason for the hairball disease. 2. What are the misunderstandings in the use of hair removal cream? 1. Hair removal cream can really remove hair? This question is asked by all people who want to buy hair removal cream. The answer is no, hair removal cream does not have the effect of hair removal. So why does the hair removal cream have a name for hair removal? The specific reason is not known. Anyway, the name of Hua Mao Cream has been translated into Hua Mao Cream when it entered China from abroad. Probably because it is a kind of paste that can resolve the problem of hairballs, so it is referred to as a hair cream... well, I guess the reason myself. In fact, the hair removal cream does not melt the hairballs in the cat's body. It mainly lubricates the intestines, increases intestinal peristalsis, and softens the hairballs to achieve the effect of expelling the hairballs from the body. 2. Hair cream can not only solve the hairballs, but is also omnipotent? The answer is also no, the main function of hair removal cream is to remove hair. However, most hair removal creams will add some trace elements and energy substances such as sugar. The purpose is actually to better remove hair and supplement some trace elements. Although the hair removal cream can supplement some energy and trace elements, the hair removal cream is still a hair removal cream, and the supplement of energy and trace elements is only incidental and cannot replace the nutritional cream. 3. Is it an IQ tax for cats to eat hair cream? The answer is still no. As mentioned earlier, cat grass and hair-controlling cat food have limitations and cannot replace hair cream. If you want to target the cat's intestinal hair, the hair removal cream is still the best and irreplaceable. It's just that some merchants have blown the hair cream into an artifact, an all-purpose medicine, for the sake of sales. This is definitely wrong, it needs to be corrected, and the result is overcorrection, and it becomes an IQ tax. Of course, some of these self-media have also played a big role for traffic, which has caused many cat friends to stop feeding hair cream. Indirectly lead to the increase of hairball disease in pet hospitals. Therefore, both extremes are not acceptable, not only to deceive the cat owner, but also to harm the cat. 4. Is the hair removal plaster used every day? The answer is still no, hair cream is not something that cats need to use every day. Hair removal cream can remove hair, but it is not a magic medicine, and it does not need to be used every day, 1-2 times a week, about 3 cm each time is enough. During the cat's moulting season, during that period, you can consider using it 2-3 times a week, 4-5 cm each time. For some longhair cats, especially those that love to shed, there are several breeds. These cats have a little more hairballs than the average cat, so consider 4-6 cm each 3-5 times a week. 5. Can hair removal cream replace cat grass? The answer is definitely no. Hair cream and cat grass are best used together. Cat grass has a better effect on the cat's stomach hairball, and has a certain effect on the cat's intestinal hairball, but it is much worse. The hair removal cream has a better effect on the intestinal hairballs, but the hair removal cream has a general effect on the hairballs in the stomach. Therefore, it is recommended to use cat grass and hair removal cream together. If used together, the frequency and length of hair removal cream can be appropriately reduced. 6. Is hair removal cream a drug? The answer is absolutely no. There are strict regulations on the production and sales of drugs, even pet drugs, in China. Any domestically produced drug requires a veterinary drug batch number, and imported drugs also require import approval, and also have a corresponding batch number. At present, the hair removal cream is produced according to the pet nutrition and health products, and the hair removal cream itself is actually only a kind of pet health care products. 3. How to choose the hair cream 1. How to choose imported and domestic hair creams There are many kinds of hair creams on the market. There are various imported hair creams, and there are also many domestic hair creams. In fact, the current hair cream is still the first choice for imported big brands, but some domestic big brands of hair cream can also be considered. 2. How to choose ingredients? A good hair removal cream generally contains at least 30% oil and some cellulose. This does not need to be too much. Too much taste will not work, no more than 5%. In order to taste better, it is generally necessary to add some sugar, which must be well absorbed, such as glucose, other fructose, maltose, etc. Some hair removal creams will add some enzymes or yeast, etc., to soften the hairballs, promote digestion, and supplement the effects of beneficial bacteria, so it is not necessary to add them. Some other trace elements are optional. These are not the main ones. It doesn't matter if they are better or not. The hair removal effect is the main thing. After all, after adding a bunch of things, the hair removal effect is not good, so what's the use of buying your hair removal cream, right? Hair removal cream has experienced a lot of ups and downs in recent years, from being praised as a panacea to being devalued as an IQ tax. Now it is necessary to let hair removal cream enter the correct path that it should take.

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