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The stray cat was caught stealing takeout, and after being chased away by the guy, he got a "long-term meal ticket" due to misfortune

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The stray cat was caught stealing takeout, and after being chased away by the guy, he got a "long-term meal ticket" due to misfortune

For stray cats, they are not as good as domestic cats and have a regular food source. So many times, in order to find food, stray cats will target human food, and this behavior becomes "stealing" in the eyes of people. For example, the stray cat in the following story is a thief. stop! What are you doing? The story takes place in Zhejiang Province. When the guy came out of the store that day, he found that there was a stray cat sneaking around in the delivery car of the delivery guy. "Stop, what are you doing? Stealing takeaways, right?" The little brother subconsciously yelled at the stray cat. He has a strong sense of justice since he was a child, and when he encounters a thief, he will not tolerate it, even if it is a cute stray cat. The sudden shout made the stray cat stop the "stealing" action. Probably it did not expect that it would be "caught" so quickly. Hey, at first glance at the face of this stray cat, it has the potential to be a thief, and it looks like a thief. It glanced in the direction of the guy in disbelief, and was stunned for a few seconds: "Why is this guy so busy with his business?" But probably it knew that it couldn't handle the guy, so it ran away in despair. The stray cat was caught again every few days. The guy thought that his fate with the stray cat was over, but he didn't expect that within a few days, he met it again who was looking for food. This time, the stray cat was very clever. After seeing the guy, he ran away without waiting for him to speak. In the days that followed, the guy often encountered stray cats. In fact, he also had cats at home, and it was hard to see these little guys suffering, but it was just out of justice that he drove him away last time. So in the following days, he has also been taking care of the cat. Every time we meet in the future, the guy never drives it away, but goes to the supermarket to buy ham sausage to feed it. He and the cat gradually get to know each other, and affectionately named it "Sausage". ". From being forced to "steal" to being fed, now stray cats regularly come every day to find guys looking for ham to eat, and they no longer have to do those "disciplinary and illegal" things. On the "long-term meal ticket". In addition, in addition to feeding the stray cat ham sausage, the guy often improves its food, often feeding it some salmon or cat strips. In order to prevent it from being driven away by the cleaning aunt, he also specially prepared a "feeding stray cat" site for the stray cat, so that it can come to eat in an open and honest manner. Many netizens praised the guy's enthusiastic actions after seeing him. Some netizens joked that this is a "thief" who has been influenced, and it is a good deed. The veterinarian Xiaoming is happy for the kindness of the boy, the cat no longer has to steal food to eat, thank the boy, tolerate the stray cat and let it continue to live. Message: In many cases, stray animals may touch human interests for food. For example, the female cat who stole human ham sausage before was watered with boiling water after being caught. Not everyone is as kind as the little brother, who can forgive their behavior and take care of them. Veterinarian Xiao Ming wants to say that if stray cats do not benefit much from people, then don't care too much about them, they are just to survive, give them more tolerance. The pictures are from the Internet. If you have any questions, you can contact Xiaoming, a veterinarian. If you have pet health and pet care issues, pay attention to veterinarian Xiao Ming for consultation.


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