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The stray cat mother brought 3 children to the door and picked one for the woman: the child will be handed over to you

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The stray cat mother brought 3 children to the door and picked one for the woman: the child will be handed over to you

Stray cats are timid and very cautious, and they have almost nothing in this world to trust except themselves. So, if there is a stray cat willing to approach you and trust you, it is really a happy thing. Just like the little sister in the following story, she has won the approval of the stray cat mother with her long-term kindness. The mother of the stray cat brought 3 children to the woman. That night, the young lady unexpectedly found a dark shadow outside the glass door. When she got closer to see it clearly, she cried out in surprise: "My God, the briquettes came with its three children!" Speaking of briquettes, it was a stray black cat. In the past, Women often feed it. But even if it is a long-term meal ticket relationship, they are not very familiar with each other, because the black cat's vigilance is too strong, and every time the young lady gets close to it, she will run away. So I tried to adopt it a few times and failed. In the eyes of the young lady, briquettes are a cat that is especially strong against people, so she never thought that one day, the black cat would bring its three children to run for herself. Missing one child is also very excited, she feels so lucky and happy. She has long heard that if stray cats are willing to bring their children to you, it represents their trust in you, and they want to entrust their children to your care. I didn't expect that one day, such a good thing would fall on my head. However, the black cat did not leave all the cubs, but chose one of the best-looking civet cats and placed them at the door of Miss Sister's house, and then took the other two cubs away. Before leaving, it looked at the little lihua reluctantly, as if saying goodbye, and at the same time glanced at the woman, as if saying: the child will be handed over to you. Perhaps the black cat is also very sad, but it is unable to take care of all the children, so it entrusts the children to the most trusted person. Will not live up to the expectations of the cat mother and the young lady will naturally not live up to the expectations of the cat mother, she is taking care of the kitten seriously every day. Prepare a warm cat litter for it, and monitor its status at all times. The little raccoon cat also quickly adapted to the environment of the new home, and can eat and sleep every day. The little sister also said that when it grows up, she will buy a lot of toys for it to grow up happily. After seeing the video of "Cat Mom Sending Cubs" shared by Miss Sister, many netizens expressed their envy to Miss Sister, and many netizens expressed the same experience. In fact, stray cats are not as unfriendly as we think. After feeding stray cats for a long time, they can gain their trust. If you are lucky, you can even bring them home. Message: Stray cats are no different from domestic cats, but their long-term stray life makes them timid and cautious. If we consider from the perspective of stray cats, their characters are completely acceptable. Therefore, I hope everyone can have some tolerance for stray cats. If you want to take them home for adoption, you must be prepared that they may not be relatives. However, veterinarian Xiao Ming believes that if you are really kind to stray cats, then one day, they will be moved by your sincerity. The pictures are from the Internet. If you have any questions, you can contact Xiaoming, a veterinarian. If you have pet health and pet care issues, pay attention to veterinarian Xiao Ming for consultation.

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