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The most beautiful tree in autumn in China

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The most beautiful tree in autumn in China

Photographer: Zhong Xin Compilation: Red Queen Warm reminder: It takes about 5 minutes to read this article. The autumn colors will be concentrated in National Geographic's selection of excellent tree species in China. Photographers will present the most beautiful trees in the motherland in autumn // Author brief introduction Zhong Xin, Shanghai Chenshan Botanical garden herbarium engineer, nature photographer. He has worked in analytical chemistry, plant phylogeny and ecology. A well-known plant and landscape photographer in China. Zhong Xin's photography philosophy is to discover the grand natural evolutionary history in plants that are not responsible for their appearance. The delicate red leaves are due to anthocyanins. The temperature below 7°C helps the accumulation of anthocyanins, but if the temperature is too low, it will in turn hinder the formation of anthocyanins. Therefore, the leaves are most likely to turn red when the autumn is high and the air is cool. Red anthocyanins don't just look good, they help ward off cold and help the tree absorb the remaining nutrients before the leaves fall. Due to the warming climate, the appearance of red leaves is increasingly delayed. In some areas, autumn leaves turn red by more than a month. This is not a good phenomenon because if there is not enough time to turn mangrove trees may not be able to accumulate enough nutrients to survive the winter Siberian larch in Kanas, Xinjiang Photo: Zhong Xin Mongolian oak in Beijing Photo: Zhong Xin Weeping birch and Kanas in Xinjiang European aspen Photo: Zhong Xin Nujiang Sequoia in Medog County, Tibet Photo: Zhong Xin

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